mandag den 21. september 2015

Metal concert in Frostgrave!

Blogtitle is a bit misleading... But it got you reading more. I was introduced to Frostgrave and must say I like it a lot. Here a small review from me of FROSTGRAVE.

A city frozen due to a major spell going reeeaally wrong. It is full of magical artefacts as well as loot and treasure. Wizards are lured to it and try to wrest its secrets from the cold hands of death.

You take a wizard, choose which school he comes from. (I choose Necromancy, no big surprise eh?). He comes with a purse of 500 coins with which you can hire your warband. An aprentice cost 200. A lot yes, but really worth it. And henchmen are in a variety from wardogs at 10 and templar at 100. A starting warband is about 7 models. Some more some less.

You take your spells, some from your own school of magic and some from others. It is harder to cast from other schools. Your aprentice will know the same spells but is not as good at casting. Should you fail a casting you can boost it by sacrificing your blood! (wounds) or just let it fail and take some auto wounds. Dabbling in magic has its price.

The only one earning experience is your wizard. As he levels up the aprentice will get better too. The henchmen...Are cannonfodder! It is all about getting hold of the treasure and blasting the other wizards straight out of their boots! And it is damn fun!

It is d20 based. Roll high is good for you. It is possible to make one shot, one kill. Does not really bother me, I have not tried it myself yet. I like the random factor in the d20 and the fact that you adhere to 1 type of dice and that is it! So be it that you may oneshot kill somebody. They still have to roll on an injury chart and THAT may kill him of. Meh....Get another henchman... It is still fun.

And I got talked into joining a campaign starting the 1st of October. So I went scrounging in my old miniatures. Mordheim is perfect for it. Now what you see here is more than my warband. But it is so I can have some to choose from.

And I have plans for some more. That is also one of the appealing things inj Frostgrave, play with the miniatures you have. There will be more from Frostgrave as I progress.

I was to a concert by SIX STRING SLAUGHTER with 2 support bands. I know the singer from old days. And met up with some of the old metalheads too. Plus...Met some new that I hope to meet and talk to again. 

Here a taster of Six String Slaughter. A favorite of mine. And with that I bid you farewell. Miniatures from Frostgrave are calling for me to paint them.

søndag den 13. september 2015

Look out! ZOMBIES!

Not got around to painting much...But got hold of some more zombies in a great trade! And went on a small vacation here in Denmark with my family too. Here is my latest loot.

Some of it is still in the bags and have not been used at all! Absolutely brilliant! These are smaller than 28mm which I normally play. But then again this is a stand alone game from that. Still not sure if I want to splash some paint on these....

With the family we went to see some bunkers rom WWII, quite cool ! But daaaaum it was windy!!

The big bunker was never finished...Thankfully! The gun it was supposed to be outfitted with had a range of 55 km ! BOOM BABY! The small ones was tyrned into a bit of art...Well horsies anyway.. The grafitti is from inside one of those.

mandag den 31. august 2015

Moving the undead

He was the man behind the first Nightmare on Elmstreet. Where Freddy had two of those gloves. My all time favorite horror character. Rest easy....

Now to some better news. I got my movement trays from Wargamemodelmods and they are great. I choose to upgrade the corpsecart to be placed on a legion base. Now...As you may see...I need to put more zombies on.
 I like that they come with a "lip" to the movement tray. Below is some of the other sizes I bought as well as the bases you apparently also get with the order!

 All these base are belong to me! Now to get work done on them....

Simon Quinton  Brummie`s blogwho won my little goodybag is still on vacation but I got hold of him. And found out he got married! No wonder he ducked under the radar! Big congratulations to the both of them and all the best for their future! 

And guess who is back on the web? One of my favorite irishmen The Angry lurker welcome back Fran! I thought it had gotten a bit quiet around here....

To end this little blog....Miniatures for sale. Yup...I am cleaning out a bit and the best way to keep it a bit organized was making a Facebook page for it. Dungeonloot . Go have a look, there will be more uploaded as I dig it out.

søndag den 23. august 2015

Zombie horde and a winner

So it would seem you would like me to make some zombies again. So would I actually. Yesterday evening I started the horde. This will be used in my Kings Of War undead army and I thought I would make a more scenic base. In KOW you do not remove single miniatures, you simply note how much damage it has taken.

From a previous purchase of stuff I bought, I got hold of a Corpsecart from GW more or less intact. For some time I have had my eye on it but refrained from buying it as I had no really use for it. Well...I do now.

Bring out your dead!!!! Not sure yet if I should place a zombie at the tailgate. Rest of the zombies  will be made up of Mantic games zombies and ghouls. The ghoul parts look like zombies anyway. So now to assemble and chop of the base they are on.

And the look so far. First of all, the small black grave marker will be put in front and middle. This is for the game so I have something to measure from concerning lines of charge. Need to add some crawlers too and most importantly...A proper movement tray. I have ordered some from Wargamemodelmods . And will use them throughout my army. Oh and by the way, go check out his kickstarter for industrial GLOWING terrain with this link INTEGRATED-WARGAME-BUILDINGS

And now.....As promised...A winner for a goodybag from me!

Click above to play the youtube video. To see my ugly mug pull out a name from an ugly mug!

 Be safe out there and remember to DOUBLE TAP!

mandag den 17. august 2015

What next? Is up to you!

Vacation is over. Though I still have a week of later. Mostly a fantastic one. This summer has been spent visiting Berlin (And gaming with Christian) 2 weddings and mead. Yes this Saturday we went to another wedding. Not just an ordinary wedding. This was their cake! Half of it Batman and the other half white and traditional.

If you look closely you will see the groom has Batman cufflinks on. So had we who were his groomsmen. A fantastic wedding with two lovely people. This was where it was held, Frederiksborg slotskirke. A church in a castle.

And now it is back to work. Also in gaming. But what will be next? What do you want to see? You get to choose, well...The majority will get to. 

First option is a scenic regiment base with zombies for use in KINGS OF WAR.
Second option is another lasercut building.

Voting for this will end this coming Saturday the 22nd. And of those of you that vote I will randomly draw one to recieve a small goodybag from me. 
Well that is actually it this time. Really have been busy with real life. Hope you all are doing good outthere.

søndag den 9. august 2015

Berlin and battle

Me on the left and Christian on the right, just before our battle in Berlin goes down! ACROSS THE DEAD erath with me playing THE STATE and Christian playing The ADDAMS FAMILY.  I left Yoshi of the team in order to not have so many points. But before that...I did not just come to do battle.

We went to Berlin for vacation, to see art in museums as well as streetart. Ofcourse Checkpoint Charlie and some of the leftovers from the cold war too. Christian was really cool to let us stay at his place. A cool apartment when it wa up to 40 degrees celcius in Berlin!!!

 Batman ! Streetart in its finest!
 Admiralsbrucke was a meeting place for everybody with a beer. 
Cool place and nice atmosphere.
 As a representative of THE STATE I was out to take field notes in Berlin as well.

The stay in Berlin was great, again a big thank you to Christian for being a great host/guide and allround cool guy! You made us feel welcome and helped out a lot! And showing us where to get good food! Great burger on the first evening!

Now....A bit of a backstory before the fight. Christian and I had a small competition between us. Trying to paint some miniatures and not buying as much. As it was I really was the loser. I blame it on the SHINY MODEL SYNDROME. However...With the help of Rich from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH I send him a gift. To arrive before I arrived in Berlin for our fight, this is the picture he posted as he got the parcel.
 Now pictures from the fight. It was really fun and ofcourse we had mead! My own brew that I brought along for Christian. (Wonder if he has drunk it all now?)

 The battlefield with beer and rules at the ready ofcourse!
 And the chilled mead!

I took out Reggie with a snipershot, and promtly got taken out by his sniper!!
 NO!  You do not drop a rock on Jester!
 As Jester finished of Ezra, this was the reaction I got from Christian!
So happy for Squint, he got Siwoc up again! Though as the game was over, Siwoc was lying down again!!  In this picture Skylar tosses her grenade at Squint hoping to catch them both in the blast. What actually happened...She dropped it! The blast resulted in all 3 getting caught and...Nothing happened!!!
I ended up winning the game but it was really fun throughout. Big thanks to Christian for being a good gamer. The STATE is in control of Berlin! Well...Kreuzburg. Erm...Well...On paper...Erm okay... We left our mark!!!
And with that  this blogpost comes to an end. 
The stay in Berlin was great, again thank you to Christian. 
And by the way...Watch out for the zombies! 
I took this picture at Kotbusser Tor station!! A zombie chasing some innocent girls!!

lørdag den 1. august 2015

Terrain kickstarter...With lights!


Click the link below the image to get to the kickstarter. This is really coooool! I can see so much potential in this. And yes...I have pledged. I have the ruins set amongst others from Wargame model mods and I really like them. Fits well together and looks cool. Now with added lights. Oh yes please!! 

There will be a review later with one of the buildings but time ran out of me so can not show it now. 

I am about to take a small trip to Berlin and fight a game (or two) of ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH with Christian. Oh...And I get to see a bit of the town as well ;-) Really looking forward to it. Better finish packing!

Now go check that kickstarter out!!