søndag den 26. april 2015

What have I been up to?

Been a busy bee. We have had some good weather so the garden needed a touch up. Got hold of some free stones to use as flowerbeds.

Our pugs were keeping an eye on the job in order for us to make it a proper job! Well done!

And the mead is brewing.....
Really looking forward to this batch as it should hopefully be a bit sweeter in taste.

A shout out for THE SHATTERED CROWN come and join the facebook group and have your say. A fantasy game where you can design the Lord and his hearldry if you wish. And the coming models for it looks reaaaaally sweet too!
Chilling wargamers talk with Rich in this youtube video. And there is actually a mention of me ;-)
Please have a look at Simons blog BRUMMIE as he really goes into detail, well done mate!

And in other news, I made a bargain! This little game, all new for only £5 on collection!

And to give you a small teaser about what else I am up to....I got my easteregg! Macrocosm miniatures! Notgenestealercultatall !! For use in Across the dead earth, Necromunda, Killteam and his own game too. I will do a proper review later, these are to be painted first.

mandag den 13. april 2015

A bit of terrain and mead

This is IMPORTANT to know! Be safe out there!

Miniatures scenery is a company that does a lot of lasercut mdf. And I recently bought some of their stuff. Flatpacked, easy instructions on their website to how to assemble it and very affordale prices. I ordered along with a mate to save postage.

Boxes are really sturdy! And in the first picture you will see the 2 forklifts....In bits.... As mentioned, it was easy enough to put together. Still need to finish painting them but here is a picture as scale reference. Good size for my postapocalyptic games, Deadzone and Batman miniature games.
The lone survivor is a mini me. A converted miniature made by a fellow blogger Mathyoo . Please click his name and check his blog. Zombies are from Mantic Games (Deadzone). Worth checking http://www.miniaturescenery.com/ out. There are lots of great stuff. I have another small project from them, but that will first be revealed as it has been done.

No...This is not for smoking! Although I think you could but it will likely not have the effect you desire. This is for my mead. Along with a lot of honey. Changed a bit in the recipe so really looking forward to this one!

Take care out there...It is already a mad world we live in!

mandag den 6. april 2015

Rise of the old zombies!

"They are coming to get you Barbara!" A cybercookie to the first that gets the reference.  The reason behind this picture (beside the obvious) is that I got hold of some rare zombies. These are from the game of Mordheim. A fantasy skirmish game by Games Workshop. I have long been on the look out for them but mostly never been willing to pay the price. Well...I got an offer I could not refuse!

Top left a Sister of Sigmar. Top right a witchhunter. Bottom left a mercenary. Bottom right a Marienburger. If memory serves me well. Really looking forward to giving these a bit of paint!

I was supposed to do this blogpost yesterday...But I felt like a zombie.....I have not been bitten. No virus...Then what ? Oh....Right.... Concert and free beer for 2 hours!

I knew one of the bands playing and know the members too. So I got backstage to chill with them too. Oh...And free beer there as well. The band is a danish band called CHAINFIST. Check them out in this youtube video.

And now back to miniatures. Macrocosm is a new small company. But I already fell in love with their first starter set! Malignacy starter set. They LOOK like genestealer cult. But I am sure it was not intended to...
These will be on their way to me soon. Lone bought them for me as my easteregg!!! AND....If you preorder them ...Untill the 12th of April you will get a FREE miniature. One of these infested thugs! Actually you just need to buy for £25 but it just so happens that this starter set is at £25 !!

I will be checking the ruleset out as well for at first these guys will be used as a gang in ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH.

mandag den 30. marts 2015

Zombiecide progress

So that week went by pretty fast.... But progress have been made! 14 zombies have been painted. They all lack a splatter of blood, but have yet to decide how much they are going to get.. They are actually quite fun to paint and you will see I had a bit of fun with some of them.

 The ambulance is from a fleamarket. Got it pretty cheap and it will work well in loads of games. We actually had 2 games of Zombicide, which we won! Had a blast, dice were with us and we actually made some tactics this time! Who would have thought that thinking a bit ahead would work?!

Untill next time....Stay safe out there!

søndag den 22. marts 2015

Zombiecide revisited

And this picture seemed to be quite fitting for getting the zombies out again. I have been busy with loads of hobby stuff. Batman miniatures game, Warlord and Reaper Bones. It was time to get the shamblers, runners and berzerkers out again!

Some have a bit of paint on, but the majority....Not. Including dogs and zombiedogs. Really lacking in the progress of this. I always seem to find another project! Ooooh...A butterfly!  Quite common. I do not wish to start naming all the projects I have going at the moment.... And KICKSTARTER is no damn help!!

WASTEMAN is a fine example! I am a backer of this. Nice miniatures and really looking forward to this game. I already have some miniatures from  Thunderchild miniatures and they are quite nice.

Oh right...Back to the zombies! Most have been undercoated so they are ready to get some loving. And believe it or not I do actually have some finished as well! 

And nobody seemed to notice I skipped a blog update?

tirsdag den 10. marts 2015

Kickstarter...More stuff arriving!

This arrived the other day, I have not had the time to properly look at it. But from the first look of things....Lovely!!! I have backed Ramshackle before and they make great stuff.

This...Also happened. Reaper games BONES II arrived. The inner geek in me squeeled of joy. I actually did a speedpaint of 2 of the models. Each done in an evening.

So...That should keep me busy for a while....No need to buy other miniatures. I can get buy with what I have now........ RIIIIIIIGGGHHHHTT!!!

Wasteman! Thunderchild miniatures have a Kickstarter going right now which looks great to say the least! Cool models and seems to be a fun gameplay. I have some of his miniatures already. The unexploded bomb is a personal favorite. Quality of it is good. Easy to clean and prep. So yeah....I am on this bad boy as well!! Go check out the kickstarter by following this link here WASTEMAN

Now...This is a cool table set up. And you know what? This can be yours!! Few days left on the Kickstarter by Impudent mortal. LOADS of stuff!  Buildings, walkways, street scatter terrain.....You can select which building or buildings you want. Or just the crates and billboards. Or....Get the full table like me!  Go here to check it out!IMPUDENT MORTAL . I am reeeaally looking forward to this. It will be usefull in games of Batman the miniature game, Across the dead earth, Biosyndrome...Well you get the idea!

mandag den 2. marts 2015

A day out with geeks and chicks!

3 geeks driving 2 hours to meet up with the fourth geek. The mission....Putting some paint on miniatures, gaming and having fun! What better way to spend a Sunday!! WARNING! There will be a lot of pictures!!

Rainy, windy and grey. NOT stopping us! Morten picked me up and we went to pick Christian up. He fell asleep after half an hour driving, which was no problem as we had fun in the front seats! Could have asked for a bit better weather but it was not to be....

Finally arriving at Lina and Stefan`s place! Weirdly enough I never got a picture of her.... They are both fighting for animal rights. The hens they have are all rescued from the big egg industry. REALLY a poor state they get them in. Most of the ones pictured have been some time here. In freedom, able to make a nest, have a dustbath, stretching their wings, and actually have feathers!!!

Really amazing to see how curious they are and really loving. If you had food...You were their best friend! Hehe... From the last batch they saved, they have kept one of them. You see her in here with a small sweater on. Due to the fact that she had next to no feathers left! This is where your eggs come from.

At night she got to stay in the hallway in this box.

After a nice breakfast we got the miniatures and paints on the table. It really is quite enjoyable painting together. At times we did not say a word yet still enjoyed it.

No idea what the hell Morten is looking after on the last picture....

To say that Stefan was a little excited about playing a game of DUNGER DERBY....Would be putting it mildly! Dunger derby is a small fast paced game that I made the rules for. Last year as we played it Stefan won and we crowned him NÆSBY DUNGER DERBY CHAMPION. Næsby is where they live. And naturally this year...WE CHALLENGED HIM!!!

Trying to stay in control of your mad animal, guiding it through checkpoints, staying clear of traps, not running in to terrain and knocking themselves out, fighting the other players.....Madness? THIS! IS! DUNGER DERBY! And damn fun!

Accusations of foul play, loaded dice, magnets in the table, and in the scenery.... I would like to say that this game requires great skill. But then...That would be a blatant lie!!!  Still I am proud to say that I am the reigning NÆSBY DUNGER DERBY CHAMPION! At least untill next time!

 This box has nothing to do with the rest of this blogpost besides the fact that it is Lina and Stefan`s little metal box. I just thought it was cool! Thank you guys for a great day out!! Loads of laughter and we actually managed to put paint on some miniatures as well!

Big thanks for having us and for putting up with 4 geeks Lina!!!