mandag den 21. april 2014

Easter zombie!

Easter has come and mostly gone. Easter to me is nothing but chocolate and days of. Last friday I met up with some of the guys from my club. Painting a bit, talking a lot and some had a game of DROPSHIP COMMANDER. Not really caught on with me but the miniatures look pretty good though. No zombies or post apoc miniatures to paint this time around. It was actually Wolfen models from RACKHAM / CONFRONTATION.  All metal baby. I will use them for games in REAPER WARLORD.

The wolf pack in front here. Trying to organize my hobbycorner a bit as well.

One of the guys got interrested in BIOSYNDROME after reading my battle report. So we will soon have a fight and with a bit of luck I will put it up as a battle report here on the blog. In 2 weeks time I think.

søndag den 13. april 2014

Mission: Babysitter !

A small intro. A small unit of Coalition forces need to get a Survivor through the city safe. The rules used are from BIO SYNDROME and you can get the FREE RULES right here. This mission is one I made up. Not official. One of the members need to survive and get of the board. That model MUST be nominated at the start of the game for both of the gmaers to know. This is where I bended the rules a bit. I choose the group from COALITION FORCES but took 1 model from SURVIVORS. And that is a rule I would like to play with. Say you can add 25% of the points from another LIVING group. NO zombies mixing with the living. AND those 25% can NOT benefit from special rules of the other 75% and they may not be leaders.

Job seemed easy, babysit some guy through a quarantined zone. No problems at all. "Boys! Grab your gear, lock and load!"

 "I can hear moaners Sir! " The squad took up position to cover both streets. The sound came from both directions.

The zombies split up in order to engage from 2 sides and make sure.....There would be no easy way out!

2 soldiers firing full auto took one of the runners down! Unfortunately one of them ran out of ammo too. 
"Aim dammit! Headshots count!" The situation may not have been as easy as one may have thought. Zombies closing in. To make matters worse, there was former coalition members amongst the zombies! And a zombie brute! Notoriously hard to take down!

"Take them down! " Only headshots count rang very true. Some of the zombies that were taken down, stood up again and shambled towards the living. 2 jammed weapons and a survivor who could not hit a barn even if he stood inside of it!

Teamwork! The runner went down! "Oh frak! They got a brute!" A ghastly roar made the living VERY aware of the precense of the zombie brute. "What the...?!" And then the runner stood up again, ready for next round!

The survivor tried to make a run for it. The soldiers trying to cover him. The runner was taken out and the soldier heroically/foolishly stepped into the path of the brute!

The dead will not stay dead, the undead will rise again!

One of the soldiers went down with a scream! 2 man wounded and the survivor wounded as well! Not to mention the brute is looking hungry! Fighting was intense but the leader managed to free the survivor by killing of the zombie who had attacked him. "Run you fool!"

One soldier and one leader left of the coalition forces. Both wounded. The survivor ran as fast as his battered feet could do! Trying not to hear the agonising screams as the last of the forces were being eaten alive!

Fun game now I got the rules right! And quite easy too! Really amazed on my rolls to resurrect the dead zombies! AND 2 jammed weapons really threw a spanner in the works of the living! 

I like the gaming board. Still need to weather some of the buildings and make them look overgrown with plantlife. But painted miniatures and nice terrain really adds a lot to the game!

tirsdag den 8. april 2014

Lack of battle report....Sorry.

There WAS supposed to be a battle report riiiight about here. Life got in the way. I do apologize and have no fear, I WILL give you a bat rep soon.

I had to start the bat rep over as I read a rule wrong. Way to go!!! It was a case of mixing up 2 systems. Sigh.... Oh well. I have not been lazy either. A trip to Dusseldorf to meet up with one of the brands we have in the store. I got invited, everything paid. VERY nice trip but a bit tired afterwards.
Oh....And german beer! It is a MUST if you like beer and visit Germany. There are a lot of great beers!

And my hobby area right now....Is pretty messed up. Need to get a bit of spring cleaning and make it a bit easier to work at. 
I better get working now........

lørdag den 29. marts 2014

Miniatures painted...Game played?

Well I think that most of you that read my blog, know about the above target guide. It is still a bit funny though. Knowledge is power!

Project Zeke contacted me with an offer...I could not refuse! 1 man company run on a hobby basis. Simon who is the braaaaains behind this have send me some miniatures. And this is my take on them.

First impression : Anatomy seems right. The weapons are a good size to the rest of the model. The survivor has a makeshift bajonet which seems a bit big. But I think it is okay as it still fits, and a knife in that scale would be way too thin.

Please excuse me, as you will notice there is an extra model in this picture. In the black trenchcoat and officercap is a model from Reaper miniatures. Also to show the scale. I like these miniatures as their stance looks "real". Subtle difference in the 3 covert ops guys too. Looking forward to what he makes next. These miniatures will be used in my next battle report!

Bio Syndrome is a zombie survival game. You can play as the zombies or as survivors, military, special agents. Or you could try to fight them as a Samurai (with your army behind you) or in WWII. And you are not just up against walkers! There is runners, brutes, zombie dogs and more nasty things!

The coalition force. 1 leader and 3 troops. Plus a survivor who is pretty important.

And here are their gory opponents. 1 brute, 2 armoured zeds, 2 runners and 6 walkers.

Yes.....That is a zombie on a segway.

And this will be where the battle will be.

The black arrow is the way they need to go in order to get through the city. Does not seem that far does it? Just a leisure walk...

Stay tuned for the battle report!

søndag den 23. marts 2014

Nerd...Yes. And damn proud of it!

And I am not alone. I am part of a gaming group. Several of my friends are geeks or nerds. Which is not a bad thing. It just proves that you are able to learn, be creative, think and enjoy.  Now besides the gaming group, we are some that get together privately and be ners. That happened yesterday.

This was what I brought along to work on. Miniatures from PROJECT ZEKE,WRECKAGE and EM4. And yes...That is mead that I brought along. The mead was good, but what took the price was the cupcakes Stefan brought along. Kindly made by his lovely wife Lina. Behold the might of IA IA FTHAGN!!!

And we did not even go mad......Or rather...If we did then there was no noticeable change....

Across-the-dead-earth  have 7 days to go on the KICKSTARTER. It is funded and the above picture is the stretchgoal achieved. These guys go in for free in the £25 pledge and up. That is 17 miniatures! Go £5 up and you will get the rulebook in softcover too. And you really want that. Rules are great! Nice campaign system put in. You can make your group exactly like you want it. If you can afford it. Go scavenging or ambush one of the other gangs!

Oh...And yes. My name is amongst those from the state. Reason behind that is that we BETA playtesters got a "thanks guys" and got to name them. Now these are only concept work, but damn I love the hockey mask!

 Add on for £15 A post apocalyptic bar! No wasted wasteland without this!

onsdag den 19. marts 2014

Plane crash!

Whoops..... Okay. Not that much of a crash. But you may have noticed the plane I was working on. Well it is finished. A characterful piece of terrain and cover. In one of the pictures I have included some miniatures from Wargames factory zombies and EM4 scavenger posing in front of it. Just to give you a sense of scale. The kit is a REVELL kit.

Had considered putting a skeleton in the back seat. But those I have seem odd when I place them in the seat. Still not entirely sure.....

Next project: Challenger tank! I got this little thing ithin a week from South Korea for £10.40 including shipping.  It is a click together kit so no glue is needed. (Thus preventing me from putting a dna sample on it).

The tracks turn. Barrel can go up and down and the turret can turn as well. Must admit that it is not the best of modelling kits. But at that price and the fact that I will turn it into a wreck, then I quite like it!

Paint in progress.... To be continued!

lørdag den 15. marts 2014

Gravesend POST APOC!

I think this could work well.... The street tiles are from ZOMBIECIDE the boardgame. Buildings are from WARGAME MODEL MODS . This could be the way to go. It certaintly gives a good feel just this. So I ill be working more on this look. Have another portion of these houses to do.

And you know.... You can still get on this ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH KICKSTARTER .
The state is one of the factions you can play. First sketches of them have been shown.

The Jester
Squint and Siwoc
Skelch and Yoshi
Keep safe out there guys and gals!

Yours in a post apocalyptic game

Lord Siwoc