søndag den 25. januar 2015

Work.....More work !

No hobby work done to show off. A bit of paint here and there but no end results. Reason being is work. As some of my regular readers will know the store I work in have changed location. And through January we have been busy in packing and cleaning the old place and getting ready in the new place.

This is part of the new place. Picture taken yesterday (Saturday) and we plan to open this coming Saturday. Oh right....We juuuust need to unpack all the new clothes, pricetag them, get them up on hangers or on tables. Plus getting those mannequins dressed. And we still need some electrics to be done and the mirrors to be put up. We will make it.... Of that I am certain! But it does cut into my hobbytime!

Yes...We have a pooltable. And darts too !
And we actually have some golfclubs too....You know...Just in case the zombie shoppers turn up!! Take care out there, hobby related stuff will soon return to this blog.

søndag den 18. januar 2015

"All your base are belong to us!"

"All your base are belong to us" started from an old Sega Genesis game called Zero Wing. Now mostly used as a geek reference whenever someone talks about basing their miniatures or talking about bases in general. And that is what I plan to do in this blogpost.

I wanted to make some city/urban bases for my miniatures of BATMAN the game.Sure you can buy resin toppers and resin bases, but I wanted to do it myself. A bit of scrounge in my bits turned up a lot of treasure for this to use as litter on the bases.

I beam in plasticcard and some rubber tyres from a toystore. (Thanks Christian for those) and greenstuff. Then it is only your imagination that stops you. If that is the case then please take inspiration from me or take a look at some of the fantastic bases made out there.

Smooth the greenstuff out and press something down into it. Here I have used some plastic mesh. Bits of a coffee stirrer and a bit of the I beam cut to an angle. Do make sure the greenstuff is a bit wet to make sure it will release whatever you press down int it again.

This one was a big guy and i actually cut the slot open again to keep his own part of the base. All it needs now is a bit of pva glue and sand. The other miniatures will have the slotta cut of and then pinned to the base. More to come of this.

Come to think about it then you can use whatever you want to press into the greenstuff. If it has a good texture, find a rock and roll it easy over it. If you do not like it then just smooth the greenstuff out again and try something else.

What are you waiting for? YOU CAN DO IT!

søndag den 11. januar 2015

Lucky find and painted miniatures!

KAPOW! Holy batshit Batman!
This could be fun to try out... Well I think I got lucky at a small local sale. Amongst old books and pottery with flowers on....I found a black car and a fireengine. 

 As for that black car, I have had some people look at it and they agree that this is the 1966 model. The small plastic in the glass jar are to be shot out of the tubes, which are in working order. The small batmobile was part of the deal. The small one is from HUSKY and the big one is a Corgi Toys.

Merryweather Marquis fire tender from Dinky Toys. Good in scale and with the steering wheel in the right. We in Denmark (and most other places) have it in the left side. Just about full metal! I will most likely use it in zombie games but at some time I will give it to my older brother who collects fire engines. 

All cars.....£15. I do believe I made quite a bargain!

14 Genestealer hybrid cultist done and painted! That gives me 7 points and since I have bought other models this year...I will be at a +2.  Not bad when I finish the forgefathers and the zombies too. Keep the pace up and I might be able to keep it positive !

The latest project, I have some models that I will give a bit extra care. These are still a small secret but I will show some progress on my custom bases for them.
This was actually quite easy to do. Going through my bits box I have other things to put on as well. Just need the miniatures to be placed first. More to come on this.

søndag den 4. januar 2015

2015 and still living!

So should I.... Well no promises ! I do intend to play more games, paint more miniatures and blog about it. A couple of reviews of some new models coming my way too.  More zombies and more surviving them!

I am thinking of giving this blog a new banner and backdrop, but do not hold your breath on this!

Painting miniatures have come of to a good start here in 2015.

 The 5 dwarfs that got the most paint in last picture will not give me any points as they were started in 2014. And still have a lot of details and base to do on the Genestealer cult miniatures in the first picture. 

15 zombies are standing by to get some paint on them as well.

And 2015 will see more work on my buildings for games in ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH, NUCLEAR RENNAICCANCE, BIOSYNDROME which hopefully will also be battle reports.

New tears resolutions? I would like to have more games of ADE, Nuc Ren, Biosyndrome, Zombiecide, Warlord to mention some.... And I would like to get more paint on my miniatures too. These are goals that I think I can achive. Oh and make more mead!!

I want to finish these guys shown in these pictures by the end of the month. Really need to finish things I start! So better get back to painting now!

lørdag den 27. december 2014

Did you survive xmas?

We got through and it was good! Though we both might have caught a cold too...Well it is the time of giving.... Had some great days with my family. Plenty of food! And great presents!

Speaker system for bluetooth from Lone as well as the cufflinks below !

And these slippers from my secret santa! They are great!!

Getting ready for another year. Alot have happened in 2014. 40 year birthday in London. All the stuff with my work. Betatester. Great games. ANd a lot will be in store for me in 2015. More gaming, more fun, more mead and more miniatures to paint! Bring it on world, I am ready!

Loads of projects for the new year. Painting challenge should help me get the miniatures painted. Terrain for my post apocalypse board. Forgefathers (A special mention to Colgar6 as he threw some forgefathers after me as a gift) Zombiecide game miniatures to be painted too and the list goes on... It is said that once a gamer paints his last miniature in his collection...He will die! Well....I am good for about 75 years more then!!

Take care come New year and take care of your family. I will be back in the 2015 and rather looking forward to it !

tirsdag den 23. december 2014

Merry xmas

Just a quick post to let you know I survived the crazy shopping rush! Contract with work is okay so I still have a job! Presents bought and wrapped. Let the yuletide begin !

On the hobbyfront I have recieved a parcel from a secret santa. Big and soft. At a forum we volunteered to be Santa`s helper for one of the others in the group. So you send a gift to the one that has been chosen for you, and one of the others send you a gift.

The new year will start with a challenge from Christian of Berlin. We both have a lot of unpainted miniatures. So the rules are as following:
1. Get -1 point for each miniature you buy.
2. Get 1/2 point for each miniature that you paint.
3. Get 1 point for the painted miniature if it bigger than a standard 25mm base.

Stuff bought before the new year does not count though it will arrive in the new year. (Kickstarters).
Ending this summer at a date not yet set. Loser buys the winner something.

søndag den 14. december 2014

Merry zombie survival

Well it is still not snowing in Denmark. Weird to be into December and not a single snowflake. Not that I am complaining, it does make travelling easier without. We have been crazy busy at work the last couple of weeks and this coming week will increase in the madness. More discount ! On the brighter side of things, contract with the new place should soon be in place!

Remember my stalker Christian? Well we made a little carepackage for him and some things for his lovely girlfriend too. Started out being bits for gaming that I had lying around. Ended up being a full set of miniatures from SPACE CRUSADE and a box of goodies sent to Germany. And then...We recieved a package from them the very next day! I will not list everything, but here was soap and earrings for Lone, a pug jug (also for Lone though I argued that a bit!) tires for use in my post apoc scenery and these:

Yes...That is the original Mutant cronicles from 1993 with full set of miniatures and in a great condition! Sure brings the nostalgia on!! Oh and I made a good deal on some bits, a small parcel from Hasslefree which I had ordered arrived and so did the scifi xmas box from Mantic games! So hobbywise I have had alot of stuff arriving, but not much time to do it in.   

Painting mojo hit me though, as I opened the box from Mantic games. Some forgefathers (Squats lookalike) and their big gun. And within 2 hours this happened:

Far from finished but good going so far I think. There was another batch of those 5 foot models. They have not yet been assembled.  This will be a speedpaint project. As you can see from the uses of wash. But I actually like the orange and beige colours. Nice change for the gloomy earth colours I usually use in my post apoc miniatures.

I might not post again untill the New year. Need to use the time I have to power down. Stressful period on several levels. Not to fear though, the blog continues! With all the projects I have going there is an endless supply of stuff to put up.

I hope you all take care of yourself and your family. For me xmas is the feeling of coming together. Enjoying the company of my family. Which I do. But it can be terrible stressfull so please remember to breathe deeply once in a while. Sit down with a cup of tea/coffee/mead/port and just do...Nothing.