søndag den 31. januar 2016

Survival on a budget

But weapons are not everything. You need water and food too. And in general, how good a scavenger are you? Priorities? Well we saw some on youtube take a challenge. And thought it could be fun to try it out.

Rules are:
The 5 C must be covered !
Cover, Combustion, Cordage, Cutting and Container.
Budget on 100 kr must not be exceeded! (Around 15 Euro, £10 and 15 $)

We used the same store but at a different time. This way we could not see what the other was looking at and finding. This was really fun, even for Lone which dove straight for the challenge! Normally it is me that is a bit crazy about this zombie apocalypse stuff but this challenge got her fired up. Check out the results here.

First up is Lone. Much better on cordage than I was. And I really like the container she found, which had a small container too! She also found a frame for holding LP covers, and no...it does not go under COVER for this challenge!

 I took candles too. The container has sewing stuff in there. And the bags are resealable. But it is quite funny to see how close we were at some of the things.

We both spend 100kr excactly. Now we might be able to do this better given the time and if we could check out more shops. But this needed to be kept as one shop, find it and get out of there.

So there you have it. Our attempt at a budget survival kit. Are you up for the challenge? You will start to think of things a bit different. How can I use this? Can I use it for more than one purpose?

I dare you! Take the challenge and be prepared!

lørdag den 16. januar 2016

Urban mat from URBANMATZ

From URBANMATZ comes this awesome urban mat in 6x4 at 59 Euro, including a free carry bag for it.
Made in mousemat material, flexible, waterproof and with great detail on it. Do I like it? Oooooh yes!

Take a look at these pics where I threw some buildings and miniatures up. Batman, Across the dead earth, really any kind of post apoc games and 40k could easily be played on it as well.

It took me NO time to set this up. Imagine if you will...When I pull it all out! Get the buildings finished including painting them!! Now this is the 6x4 mat but you can get it in 3x3 too which is perfect in size for Batman the miniatures game. The mat really adds so much more to the game. 

On a side note.... I have mentioned that it was PUG TESTED as our pugs played on the mat and even pawed at it with no problems arising. As I got ready to take the pictures my girlfriend Lone stood and look at it, feeling the texture. 
"And it is waterproof this one too?" 
Yes, all their mats are.
" It works well as a dining cloth too then. I like the fabric."

So there you have it. URBANMATZ are PUG TESTED and WIFE APROVED.


onsdag den 6. januar 2016

Snowmat, winner and stuff...

And so we shall ! By random drawing Chris from http://skirmishoutbreak.blogspot.dk/ 
won my giveaway. I have sent you an email. This year I plan to do more giveaways like this. Maybe some miniatures from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH  as I have some spare. This...Will be a good year!

It has started well. We have been cleaning a lot in the basement. We have 2 rooms there and the small of them have been sorted and a lot thrown out. Freeing up space, in the mind as well. Highly recommended.

And now for some gaming stuff. The snowmat from URBANMATZ .This is a 4x4 but they have it in stock now in 3x3. Perfect size for Frostgrave or other skirmish games. I thought that it would do well for some post apocalyptic winter theme too. I really love the material. Flexible, waterproof, easy to storage and it looks great. Not just plain white.

As an added bonus they have decided that all purchases will get a free carrier bag with their mat. Now that is cool! The terrain you see is just randomly set up for you to see the mat with miniatures and terrain on. This will see a lot of use in my games. Could easily have Mr. Freeze or the Penguin going up against Batman on this mat!

I am painting some of the miniatures from WASTEMAN, but more to come on that as I get them done. I also looked at the terrain from IMOUDENT MORTAL. Really need to get that together as it is quite awesome. But for now...I will have a cup of tea.

fredag den 1. januar 2016

New year resolution:

I welcome the new year ! And my grand new years resolution will be: More gaming, more painting, mead, more terrain building and more fun. Actually just business as usual then. Should be doable.
2015 brought me a lot in gaming. 2016 will bring me more of the gaming goodness. And I have a small idea how to start of really good. A small competition. I am a LOOTER. LOOTCRATE is a box I recieve every month with geeky stuff. But I do not use all of it. So I am thinking of doing a small mystery box of it and giving it away.
How do you enter? Untill Tuesday the 5th of January, all who have written a reply to this blogpost will be entered´and I will randomly draw a winner. Though there is a small catch to this.. EVERYBODY that writes a reply to this post also pledges to do a bit good here in the new year. Not a draw like this, but just help out a little here and there where you can. Hold a door for someone, smile a bit more...Let us make 2016 a fantastic year!
As I reveal the winner I have a review of URBANMATZ snowthemed mat as well. 
Oooooh I have a lot of stuff lining up! Another mat, this time Urbanthemed.
Buildings from IMPUDENT MORTAL 
Miniatures from WASTEMAN 
More terrain and games in FROSTGRAVE.
Miniatures from HASSLEFREE 
Miniatures from  HERESY MINIATURES
This will be a good gaming year. I hope that you all have come peacefully into 2016. And I toast to you and a fantastic year. In mead ofcourse!
This blogpost was written while being mostly sober....

onsdag den 23. december 2015

So this is it....

I have been busy at work. That time of the year.... And now finally Yule has arrived. And I have mead. What I do not have is a proper update for you guys. But rest assured that I will be back with a mighty fury in the new year!

URBANMATZ reviews.
 FROSTGRAVE terrain and campaign. 
ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH miniatures and games.
WASTEMAN miniatures and games.

I am looking forward to spending some days with family, good food and relaxing a bit. Recharging a bit of the battery. Looking back on the year is has been really great.

A trip to Berlin to meet up with Christian and fight him in ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH. 2 weddings one of which I was the best man. Many games in Frostgrave. Zombiecide. Made some bargains too and have set up a Facebook page to sell surplus of it. Look for Dungeonloot.

Pretty sure 2016 will present a lot of good things too. 

I am talking to a blogger friend in USA and we are motivating each other to do a bit of exercise. It might not sound as much but each step is a step in the right direction and will help not only on the physical aspect. 2016 will see much more of that, small victories all the way brother!

 Take care out there. Take care of each other. And always double tap!


mandag den 14. december 2015

Pug test and miniatures

Even the pugs take this serious! Do you?

As I checked the quality of the urban mat from URBANMATZ my pugsthought it needed a real test. So they attacked it and even tried to dig in it as you will see in this short video. Sorry about the blur but it was in the evening and was not planned for a pugtest right there. But with pugs...You never know.

 Click the picture above and watch it. Not a scratch on it! Hair? Yes...But that can be brushed of.  I am really amazed by the quality. I think it really adds to the durability that it has a bit of elastic in it. 

Now then...I was supposed to show of the snow mat on this post. It will be postponed a bit. Not to worry I will give it a review too. I am just a bit busy with this little thing called "work". And the fact that I am a nerd so get easily distracted.

Making bad Santa helpers and finding models suitable for Rangifiers in Frostgrave.
 Models to the left are from Reaper bones. On the right are from Frostgrave Cultist box. Still paint in progress on those. The snowflake markers are once again some christmas decoration stuff. You can see the box in the back there. Big ones will be used as activation markers and the small to keep track of how many spells have been succesfull in the game. And it cost me about £2. There are about 75 in total in each box. That should do it nicely.

As a bit of good karma I sent a mate of mine a parcel start of December with some miniatures. Told him that he did not have to pay for them. A day ago another mate of mine came by with something he won in a competiotion but had no use for, and gave me.  That is karma. So I have just sent a parcel to a mate in Scotland and one has been sent to USA. It is all about doing a bit of good and helping where you can. Not just in this month but in general and it does not have to be much. A little goes a long way. And it can be as simple as holding the door for the next person. Try it out, it feels damn good.

torsdag den 10. december 2015

On steady ground

Come walk with me...To a land closer than you think. Untold riches and fame awaits you! But watch your back! Or you will simply be forgotten, just another skeleton somewhere...If you are lucky!

I just got 3 mats from the new company URBANMATZ 
A cobblestone in 3x3. A snow in 4x4 and an urban theme in 4x6. All came in a nice carrier bag. Communication with the company has been great. My order was delayed by GLS due to GLS actually making a mistake. Oh well, they arrived in one piece.

 Cobblestone. Works fantastic with Mordheim, Frostgrave or could easily be a piece of Gotham city. The buildings are just the old cardboard ones from Mordheim and some dried lichen for a bit of cover. That is it, ready to go. Well for these pictures I did not do a proper set up but just wanted to show how it looked. And I am impressed. 

The fabric is waterproof. Has a bit of elastic to it which in my opinion is great as it will prolong the life of the mat. Sturdy on the table as it reminds me of the mousemat material. When throwing dice it softens the clatter sound immensely. Really easy to storage between games. 

I tried to be a bit rough with it, mashing it together in a ball, bending it to see if it would crack or make lines. Nothing...It just folded back out. I think this is mainly to do with the elastic in it.  And I did a PUG test on it as well. I will explain this test in a later blogpost concerning the urban layout.

 Details are really great. And even with just this cardboard terrain the board suddenly gets a whole new feel! And with painted miniatures and great terrain it will become EPIC BATTLES!

 That is water beads around the miniature. And to show the other side of the mat as well. I must say that I am a fan. Just wait untill I show the other mats as well packed up with terrain. This has made it soooo much easier to make a game look great. And still it does not take up a lot of room when storaged. Roll it up, put it in the bag. Have a cup of tea.

Prices are quite acceptable too. This mat was 35 euro. About £26. 
Go check them out at URBANMATZ 

Next I will do a Frostgrave themed set up with the snow terrain mat using all the christmas decoration stuff that was converted into use as terrain.