søndag den 23. november 2014


I am apparently not the best to take selfies..... Oh well...Think I scared a swedish tourist or two... Taken in Tivoli in Copenhagen, they have a christmas market right now. We had just been at a brunch who my employer invited us to. Quite nice and maaaan a good brunch! On our way home we decided to take a look in Tivoli. 

Tivoli also have some peacocks walking around. I think about 6 in total. Not bothered by people at all, this is their home. Really cool if you ask me!

On the hobbyside...Not much news unfortunately. I did however introduce a canadian to our club. He moved here to Denmark with his wife. Seems to be settling in quite nicely with the rest of us crazy danes. Had him playing the boardgame DOOM, which we lost horribly to! But it was fun none the less. And most of all....He was not afraid to hug! Yeah...We hug a lot at our club. 

Someone asked me about my hobby area. Sorry..I do not remeber who, but after we did some rearranging here at home I thought I would show it to you. Mind you...It did not take me much time to clutter it up! I like it like this!

Click on the images to get them a bit bigger. Take care out there..... Hugs from the crazy dane!

søndag den 16. november 2014

More miniatures and LOOTCRATE

Ninja...Or pirate? I know where I stand on this question! This t-shirt and headband are from this months LOOTCRATE. The theme of it being BATTLE. I do love the geek stuff they put in. If you want to try it out then please use this link here: LOOTCRATE as it will help me out a bit too.
Here is more stuff from this months loot.

MEGA MINIATURES had a Kickstarter runnning to make some new molds. And I just recieved the goodies. Actually alot of miniatures! All will not be usefull in my post apocalyptic games but that is just fine by me. 

 Some small robots here with Ezra from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH to show the scale. There were some bigger robots too but they needed assembly, so no pictures of them now.

 Future police officers? They are armoured and have hightech guns.

 Not too sure on these, but I think they will see some uses in post apoc somehow. Nuclear Rennaiccance or Biosyndrome.

This bunch is easily do able for gang members in Across the dead earth! And last night in a fit of inspiration I started painting.

Painting still in progress. This is a mjor one of those BUTTERFLY SYNDROME I talked about last post. And these will get what I call speedpaint done to them. Those 2 ADE miniatures I am painting for my buddy Rasmus gets more attention then these will get.

Christian from Berlin ordered the rulebook from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH. I had a talk with Rich so I could send a model with the book. It ofcourse needed to be SIWOC! Surprises like this is the best ! ;-)

And Simon from Brummieswargaming got the parcel too. Please click the link to see what and why!

These should bump my karma up a bit.....Which I sorely need at the moment. I do not wish to go into detail on my blog here but in short, if everything falls together then I will be out of a job this January. Now I am pretty sure that it will not take long for me to get hold of a new job as I know a lot of people in this industry I work in. And we are in the process of making things happen like we want them to.

Right now......I am going to paint more on these guys..... Take care out there!

søndag den 9. november 2014

Post apoc terrain buildings

Now then..... In my last Battle report with my friend Rasmus we talked about boarding up some windows on my buildings to disrupt line of sight. Time for me to use those coffee stirrers! As I prepared to work on this I began thinking... Take a look at the picture here at the top of my blogpost. That could be cool...So I did just that!

This works quite good and they are sturdy as well. Unless someone bumps into the table, earthquakes could happen you know.... The tiles I used in my battle report and here are from the game of Zombiecide.

And the progress on boarding some of the windows up. Works quite well.... Need sooooo much more works on these buildings...Sigh....

As for my small competition, these are the companies on my messy paintstation:
Across the dead earth

Games Workshop
Mantic games
Ramshackle Games
Privateer press
Reaper games
Hasslefree miniatures
Guillotine games
Project Zeke
Gregsters lab.

Congrats to Simon from Brummies blog . There will be a SURPRISE parcel from one of the above mentioned companies!

Take care out there!

søndag den 2. november 2014

Battle report-ADE

I reported back to Jester, there was good stuff to be "aquired". Not  far from basecamp and no sign of looters or marauders....So far. Skelch stayed in camp and we moved out .Jester,Squint,Yoshi and yours truly...Siwoc. Grab and run, easy mission!

The battleground. 6 objectives with various point values. This was a demo game with my friend Rasmus who would bring the Addams Family against my State. We talked about the rules and what the miniatures had as abilities and rolld to set up. Me in bottom right corner and him in upper left.

I went a bit scouting and found out the socalled "Family" was after the loot as well. Reporting back Jester decided to give them a fair warning to leave or else....

I went for what we had come here for, the loot. Rest of the guys moved up and we saw that the Family moved up to grab loot as well. Yoshi aimed through a building and found Skylar in his crosshair. With an order from Jester he took the shot and she went down. That got the message through.

A lucky shot! But it counted! Rasmus had the initiative for 2 turns when I finally managed to roll high on the dice. Only for Rasmus to do this:
I had a bad feeling that Rasmus had taking a liking to the use of those cards, as throughout the game he checked them often. With every move I did he would check the 3 cards in front of him!

 Reggie was fast up a building to claime some loot as I went back with our first. Skylar was bleeding bad so would not be moving for a while. Drexyl was hiding but Jester had his number and he went down! Jester babbled some nonsense that yoshi just shook his head at and remained where he was. The leader of the family had gone into the central building where I knew there was some loot too! Bold move!

Reggie came down from the building and took a shot, and I heard the cry from Squint as he went down! He would pay dearly for daring to shoot a member of the State! I tried to outflank them while Yoshi dragged a loot away.

Adam came down with his loot, in the open! And Jester had him right where he wanted. When he was about to fire he was distracted by a sound from the roof and missd his shot as he narrowly avoided some fallen masonry!

Rasmus played 2 cards, first to make sure I missed the shot on his leader and then to try and take mine out!. Well played !!

Skylar was still out, their medic obviously rubbish! Jester moved to join up with me as we tried to take them from the other side. Squint was still moaning but aparently he could not stand up. The moaning from the downed Drexyl had ceased though. He would take no further part in this skirmish.

Drexyl went out and I had up untill now forgotten that Squint could try to heal himself! Which he now did. Good boy! Yoshi came back and there was a firefight!

Reggie came back to help his leader as we got him pinned down. I thought I had him and was about to fire both guns as he dissapeared! How he did that I will never know!

The cards were not lying idle....We used most of the cards through the game! Brilliant! Quickdraw was cancelled with a card. Tripwire made another stumble right out in the open!

Jester ran up to take down Addams in close combat. And as Reggie moved up to support him Squint repaided the favour from earlier and shot Reggie!

We called the game after Jester took out both of them as they lay there bleeding. Is was a really great game and we both had a laugh at both the dice rolls but at the cards being played. And I got Rasmus hooked on the game!

Rasmus got to pick 2 ADE miniatures I had as doubles and I will be painting them for him. Ezra and Adam.

The 2 on the left was what Rasmus got and I got the rest. The game could have gone either way up untill the last 2 turns. Very enjoyable game on both sides. Only thing we did not use was grenades and  WAW. (Overwatch) Mostly because we forgot it....

Some tacticals errors were made on both sides so it evened it out. Next time we might use Red claw VS Family. Interresting how that will play out! One thing is for sure...Rasmus love the use of those cards!

søndag den 26. oktober 2014

A failure and competition!

Too many distractions have meant that I can not complete Zombtober. I have not been idle there has just been some "butterflies" passing by. Like the stuff arriving from Across the dead earth and I will be doing a demo game this coming Tuesday. Mini me needs to get some paint! 

And this guy came in the mail, mutant guy from Thunderchild
His hands have been magnetised in order for me to exchange his weapons as I see fit. I am told he will get some friends soon. Like a Mutie brute leader!  I will do a review on a later time.

Now....How about that little contest? In a Facebook group I mentioned some of the projects I was working on and showed a picture of my worktable. I have been tidying the lace up a bit now and took a photo of it. There are more than 10 manufacturers present on this table. The one who gets the most correct will win a surprise from me! As a tiebreaker write what you think is my favorite game to play is right now. Write your answer in the comments section below. Competition ends this Friday the 31st.

Click on the picture for a bigger size, may help a bit. Good luck!

mandag den 20. oktober 2014

Late and no zombies...

"That is not a zombie model!" You are right. It is however a butterfly. Let me explain this concept. I suffer alot from this. Starting a project and then suddenly "Oooh...Look a butterfly!" Something catches my eye and I follow that. This time my butterfly was an old battered Gorkamorka truck I got in a trade.

I have always loved this truck and the thought occured to me that it would fit in my post apoc theme. And after a google search I found the picture on top of this blogpost. Scrounging through my bits from Ramshackle Games I found the bits I needed. As well as some wire used normally for flower decorations.

Guy on the left is a commander from the newly released resin tank kit. Legs are from the Gorkamorka gunner. Guy on the right comes like that as a driver from Ramshackle.

And this is where I am now with it. The tarp will be rolled up and stuck to the vehichle. Painting still needs details. But really satisfied so far.

And another butterfly....My stuff from Across the dead earth have arrived!
And sometimes...A pug lies on my lap and prevents me from doing much....

søndag den 12. oktober 2014

Zomtober II and stuff

And mostly this year too.....
I have had a great weekend! My oldest brother and his wife came up to see us. Copenhagen had a culturenight. Which means all sort of things are happening in the city. Open access to places the public normally is not allowed.  Like the city hall, a subway like you see in these pics.

 It took place this Friday. They slept at our place and Saturday we went bargain hunting at a carboot sale/fleamarket. Really fun and we managed to get some good deals. They went home later Saturday and Sunday Lone and I took to the market again.

I found a box of metal miniatures from GW at a steal! Now I just need to sell them so I can buy more zombies! Here are some of them!!

Oh and talking of zombies. Yes I know...I do not follow the rules of zomtober.... But I do paint zombies. Take a look at the progress of my Fancy dress zombies from Grekwood miniatures.

"It was one hell of a party!"