mandag den 25. august 2014

Loot Crate, wedding and blackberries!

This photo will be explained last in this blogpost.

My oldest niece got married this weekend. A lovely wedding and she got a real good man! I wish the best for them both in the future together. And I....Am still a bit tired from the weekend. Must have been a good party! Really nice speeches that came from the heart. The groom had tears as he spoke to his new wife.

We stayed by my oldest brother and sunday we all needed a bit of fresh air. So we went hunting for black berries! And got ourself an extra treat! We met a small fellow sunbathing. See the following pictures.

 Have you any idea how many thorns these bushes have?!

The middle picture was just because it looked good, abandoned trash. The seal was quite okay with us taking pictures this close to it. Wonderful to see nature up close.

I got hold of my very first LOOTCRATE and it was quite good. You get a mystery box of nerdy things,  from games, movies or other nerdy things. This time they made the box inside as the lair of the Teenage mutant ninja turtles. And as you can see....I AM GROOT! His arm will glow in the dark. The picture does not show the entire loot. I think I am up for another crate. You can try one out with a discount by using this link from me LOOTCRATE which will also give me a little .

Now to get back to the first picture on this post, the hill of plastic. That is all zombie sprues from MANTIC GAMES Deadzone which arrived last week. Awesome! I plan on mixing some of them with the ordinary zombies from Mantic. Gives me a bit more variation. I also got some special characters and warmachines for use in Deadzone. More on this on a later post. For now here is a sample of the first ones I glued together from the frame.

Can you ever have enough zombies in wargaming? No...No I do not think so!

lørdag den 16. august 2014

Too many hobby things.....

This is the harsh truth. Not only do I suffer from SMS (shiny model syndrome) but apparently also of DMD. Very badly...... It is a small victory everytime I get something done! And as followers on my blog here can see, it actually happens. When the mojo/force/inspiration is with me I blaze through and get it done really fast. Made a 500 point dwarf army for Reaper games WARLORD in just over a day. From assembly to painted and based! And yet there are so many projects, armies, models and ideas that I want to do. Some are works in progress......So finish them for crying out loud!!!

My desk right now...Actually pretty tidy by my standards..... And then there is the small gaming table, filled up. As a measure of concentrating my hobby a bit I need to sell some of it. A small size Bretonnian force for Warhammer. A spacemarine force for 40k (this is actually a finished project! All painted) Bauhaus from Warzone. It will give me some space and a bit money. (To use for more miniatures...Who am I really kidding?)

Remember this? My other self in the post apocalyptic world of Across the dead earth. As a new project (sigh) I am finding some stuff for another picture. A bit of cosplay so to speak. Stay tuned.

And coming up will soon be a review of some miniatures. And some loot counters for use in my post apoc games. And maybe a battle report......

mandag den 4. august 2014

"Honey? I wrecked the car.Again...."

Not my car, nor is that one my problem. I do however have some carwrecks to show you! From the company Project ZEKE miniatures. And please do check out his blog here as well Projectzeke blogging .

Now to give it another perspective. A mate of mine from my gaming club was interrested when I showed him a picture of the wreck. He could easily use it in his games of BATMAN. So when I recieved first part of my order I gave him one of the wrecks....On one condition. Do a review that I can put up on my blog. He agreed without hesitation. Here is what Steffen thought of the carwreck.

Here's a little review of the Project Zeke Miniatures 'Rusty Wreck', which my friend Johnny gave me the pleasure of painting for him.
I went with a black undercoat, followed by a Citadel Rhinox Hide basecoat. Then I gave the whole thing a very dry drybrush of Citadel Macharius Solar Orange, followed by a P3 Pig Iron drybrush, focusing on the 'raised' areas in order to simulate a little bit of wear and tear after the onset of the rust.
The wreck is a mere £3, and Project Zeke Miniatures have a reasonable shipping fee and a fantastic customer service. I am missing a few more details like door handles and license plates, maybe some more pronounced headlights. Though for the price these are minor concerns, since the rest of the piece is very detailed.
The wreck itself is one solid chunk of resin. This fact makes the piece very heavy, which is very practical for gaming purposes.
All in all I can highly recommend this product. I myself will order a few after I move in a months time. I can't wait to litter my dystopia cityscape with rusty car wrecks! 

 Thanks mate. And I can only agree! Here is my take on the carwreck:

I need some more of these wrecks. Bought 2 and as you know Steffen got one of them. Easy to paint up and as you can see here, I have not even put foilage of any kind on it...Yet. And as for customer service...I ask for a special job. I wanted a wreck that looked like it was partial in water or partial buried. Like this picture:

And this is what I got!!!

Absolutely brilliant!!! Mind you this picture is taken after a black undercoat and a drybrush of silver. In order to make it stand out better on the picture.  These...Are really cool!  Really recommend Projectzekeminiatures. So go check them out, it is worth it.

søndag den 27. juli 2014

What a week.....

Not a zombie....Nor is it JAWS. It is our malepug Gustav trying to cope with the humid and warm weather we are having. As for our female pug Vera, things turned out worse. An infection in the uterus meant surgery ASAP. Well it did explain a lot of things on her behaviour. She is back with us now and quite happy! So are we actually! 

You can see the scar on her tummy, and you can see my lovely girlfriend too!

Friday saw me hauling ass after a thief. I work selling mens wear. He took 4 shirts without paying and ran like hell. Well it was hot as hell anyway and of we went. I cornered him and he gave up without a fight. And only took the police 1 hour to get there.

I could do with a bit of good karma now.....And some has already arrived! I won a little competion (amongst others) over at Vampifan`s blog . Cheers Bryan!

Painted by Bryan himself, these are extremely cool!!

I also made a small order at a company and was sent some extra miniatures to review. More on this later with an extra review from a friend of mine! With all this going on and the heat here in Denmark right now...Progress have been slow with the hobby. My table as it looks right now has Across the dead earth miniatures, #CENSORED# miniatures and the Ramshackle tanks.

Oh...And I made friends with a stalker of my blog. Hello Christian :-) ! And talked to a Canadian who will be moving to Denmark.  He was asking about gaming clubs....Well Ian....Bring the thunder! We are ready for you!

søndag den 20. juli 2014

Tanks...Tanks a lot !

Ramshackle Games had a Kickstarter with a new tank. Actually it was a 2in1 tank. As you will see later in this blog. I backed it with 3 tanks. Kickstarter ended June the 5th and my resin goodies arrived about 1 1/2 week ago. Delievered at my workplace and I had vacation so only got hold of them a week ago.

Not pictured here are the sidesponsons and 2 pairs of extra armour. One of the bodyblocks had a chip and the exaust on one of them had broken of. No big deal. A bit of clean up was needed and a wash. Release agent is troublesome when its time to paint them. I has to mention that Curtis/Ramshackle sculpting and casting has greatly improved in quality over the last couple of years.  And still keeping very resonable prices on it. I love the fact that you can buy the bits too.

I got together with some of the guys from my club SLAGMARKEN (Battlefield) and had a nerdy Saturday with barbeque as well. Oh and mead ofcourse! And I got to tackle the tanks! A hot/humid day with great company. Just about as crazy as I am.....Picture to prove it!

Cheers guys for a great day/evening!

Well back to the subject...TANKS! Pictured below you will see some of the options you get in the Battledog/Pug kit. Battledog-With turret. Pug-Without turret. NOT pictured is all the variants for the gunners weapons, the hullmounted weapons, extra armour and sponsons.

Same chassis used in all of these pictures. Weapons have been bluetacked in place. Think they will be magnetised in order for me still to have the freedom to switch them how I wish. I bought 3 tanks, Curtis mentioned to me the final order reached 200 tanks in total!

This antiaircraft gun can be bought from the store. It is not part of this kit. But it fits ooooh so nicely!  Just adding a bit of details to my tanks and then the task of painting them! By the way...Price for these 3 tanks....£65! And a ton of extra bits! The price may go up a bit when they hit his store as this was the kickstarter price.

torsdag den 10. juli 2014

Things are looking good

2 of my lovely ladies! Both looking a bit tired in this pic. Sorry... Vera (our pug) has the lampshade of now. Healing progress in her eye is looking good. Going in the right direction, still drip her eye about 5 times a day (2 different meds) and a pill. Thank you all for the well wishes.

Yes...These are danish ice lollies.  Brain bites!!!

And I have been throwing more paint on my ZOMBICIDE miniatures!

 Welcome to mama`s house boys!
 Come at me bro!
 I got that SLENDER MAN  feeling about these guys...
And testing some colours for the BERZERKER variant.

Oh and to clarify some bits. The house behind the zombies are from Sarissa. The road section is a gaming tile from ZOMBICIDE. And I am Lord Siwoc, hoping that you keep looking out for eachother out there!

torsdag den 3. juli 2014

Zombicide and pug update.

Season 3 of ZOMBICIDE is up and running on Kickstarter and doing quite well. Several stretchgoals have been busted already. I love this game, I game way to seldom with it. Have not even tried the "toxic" rules out yet or played using anything from season 2. And then ofcourse...There is the painting side of things. A bunch of the zomies has been shipped out to Lead Legion painting . Which still leaves me with a bit over 60 survivors/zombivors, dogs and zomiedogs plus all the zombies from season 2. As I wrote the start of this blogpost they were undercoated black. Well...The survivors/zombivors.

I have some time of. Holidays. So  I decided to tackle this painting project!

As of NOW I have split them in 2 groups. It was a bit too much I must admit and I do not want to loose the painting mojo. So I will be focussing on the 30 to the right.

As much as I want to be part of Zombicide season 3, I fear that I am not able to. Priority has been on our pug Vera. Poor thing has a hole in the eye. We are still hoping it turns out good. And so far progress is good. The hole has not been getting bigger at least. And she was in surgery today to remove a bit of skin by the eye so her eyelashes would not go into her eye. We do have insurrance but still need to pay first, then collect the money after all is done. Going to be tough, but what matters most is the wellbeing of our pug Vera! Get well soon sweetey!