søndag den 24. april 2016

Lucky find, good tip and a game.

So I took my Kings of war army (Very much a work in progress) out for a game in the club. I had no intention of taking pictures for the blog, but I took some and thought that I might as well use them. Against Morten W. and his RATKIN.  A smashing victory for The Basilean army.

 As mentioned...Really a work in progress. But they looked like what they should represent. I need to remember I am a good guy in this army, and use HEAL spell.
 Angels of the match. They smashed through everything! 4 units died due to the wrath of my angels. 1 weapon team, doomwheel. lightning cannon and a big unit of rats.
 This regiment of my paladins...Got eaten as the ratogres munched them in one turn! AUCH! And my troop of cavalry was wavered for 2 turns and then got smashed from their saddles by the ratogres.

Though I won the game there is still something for me to think about. Had a warmachine which managed to inflict ONE wound. Knights were utter wimps. And I pretty much wasted my paladins. Could I use the angels in another tactic then swoop down the side and working throgh that way? I might still need another game to figure out if this works.

 The good tip from me. Counters for WAVERING and DISORDERED. Made on left over MDF bases. Yellow on one side and red on the other. Easy to do, cheap and it will help in the game. There you go.

 See this? It is a roll of cork. Really usefull for making bases, especially multibases. I think it is used for putting under linoleum flooring. To make it a softer to walk on. Best part of this find...It was free! Should keep me supplied for some time....

søndag den 17. april 2016

Do it yourself "Wound counter base"

Really easy build here. In Kings of war you need to keep track of the damage the units take, and mostly it is done with dice. I have seen some companies doing these but thought I had the materials needed to doing them myself.

Coffee stirrers yet again. The mdf base is left over bases I had. You could use a bit of plasticcard or even cardboard.

Clipping the stirrers to size and gluing them on. (Not your damn finger to the base...AGAIN!) The ones at the end has been halved. Carefull when using the cutters too, one bit flew of and landed in a cup of coffee. I tried explaining to her that they were coffee stirrers after all...

That easy....Cheap and fast. With a bit of sand, undercoat black, dark brown and a drybrush of a lighter brown and you are done.

onsdag den 6. april 2016

Next army (What the hell am I thinking?)

I am still a bit stuck in Kings of war....A bit meaning...A LOT! And I remembered that I had traded some stuff in return for a Mantic army of Basileans. (Good guys with angels). Being mostly a necromancer I have not payed them any attention for over a year. As it dawned on me that I had them somewhere it took me no time to dig them out .

Please disregard the bus and ambulance, they are not part of the army. Well I got them like this and remembered I had painted 3 models to test some colours. Hmm....There is a complete army here... So I went to check the armybuilder and see if I could get something together that would slightly look like an army.

Needed to rewire my head a bit as it calls for another tactic. Now I will be thinking of healing, inspiring and angels! The army is down on paper, most of the models I have. I need something to represent penitens. Some have mentioned GW flaggelants others have mentioned Frostgrave cultist. Need a little think on that. Will be making a new order for some bases. Multibasing again...Oh yes! This time thetheme will be overgrown temple/city/castle. Thanks to Christian (our man in Berlin) for helping me with the idea on that.

Now then....Not much else gaming being done but I went to another concert. Danish band called QUEEN MACHINE. Tribute band to...Queen. Well duh... They were awesome! Singer actually sounded pretty close to Freddie. And as for the look...Well see for yourself.

A bit different from the last concert I went to, but it was good and I had a good time, singing along on almost all of them!

søndag den 27. marts 2016

Kings of war games

Today (Sunday) I took my kings of war undead for a tournament. Got to play 2 games and met some new gamers. Due to easter holidays it was a poor showing though but we had fun. This zombie in the picture above actually watched over us. We played at a gaming store and they had live roleplaying props too. Nice fellow although he was a bit on the quiet side.

First game was against Ratkin. Those low down dirty rats! Dominate scenario which ended with a close loss to me. I had him fearing me as both of my catapults hit him in the first turn! A couple of high rolls from him at the end of the game saw my army turn to bones and dust. Stil it was a great game so many thanks to my opponent Marcus.

Remember that you can click on the images to get them bigger.

 No...My necromancer is not dead. Just resting because...REASONS! He kept falling over as the surface was not totally even. Dammit!
Last picture here shows the points to be added up. At this point my "fallen" necromancer had been replaced with a wraith/green zombie miniature. As mantioned...Lost unfortunately. Had my wraith unit stayed then it would have been a draw.
 "Right swambies....Go forth and feast!"
 The other game was against Twilight kin. Really cool effect on the bases with cracked ice!
 The dark master that controlled the undead hordes!
 And now I wish to say...I am sorry Mikkel. To my opponent. He came to fear the wraiths....And well the rest of my army too! You see.... In the next 2 pictures you will see the dead pile from Twilight kin and the dead pile from undead.

Mission was pillage. So had to control some markers (we used paintpots) and my opponent said at the start of the game " I will be coming over to you and kill you!" Well....That did not really work as he had planned.
(Sidenote, damn the Hydra is nasty!) However, as he called for surrender the next picture shows what he had left on the table.

I had a horde of skeletons ready to charge/surge into the crossbows. Still it was a good game on both sides and we talked about what coud be repaced in the list. I really did not think the 2 troops of crossbows was worth it. Get another unit of fast cavalry to ´harrass warmachines/characters and get objectives.
All in all it was a good day with gaming and gamingtalk. I am sure there will be more gamers ready to roll dice the next time this will be put up. Another thing that bothered me a bit was the terrain. It was really beat up as it was the stores, it really gets abused. Or maybe I have just become used to the great terrain we have at my club? But we respect it too and puts it back in proper place after use. It really adds to the overall experience to have a great table setup with good looking terrain.
This post is long enough now. I might put up some thoughts on the next post concerning my own army. What I realy liked in it, what performed good, should anything go? And what should be added to it next?
Stay tuned and keep gaming.

fredag den 25. marts 2016

Kings of war undead army almost ready

I went to see a concert with CATTLE DECAPITATION and  SUFFOCATION. Both are in the genre of deathmetal so I know it is not for everyones taste. But it is in mine! Met up with friends and it was a blast! Now I had to go to work the day after so not much beer for me. Which was fine, I was there for the music and atmosphere. Although my body complained a bit the day after...It was still great!

A shout out to these crazy and lovely people who make my concert going really enjoyable (besides the music ofcourse)

Now to the army:
 The astute of you will notice that the knights are missing. I changed my mind and will try to finish them. They will ride to war!!!

Here in the last picture you see the process of making the water/swampy effect. Lone has helped me ALOT with this. The medium is called GOLDEN GEL MEDIUMS,CLEAR TAR GEL. Really damn good if you ask me! I am sure I will get them ready, the tournament is this coming Sunday so the deadline wil be kept.

søndag den 20. marts 2016

Zombie horde ready!

Now I just need to make the rest of the army ready. See....This is how my army looked about 1 week ago, and I got a feeling that I might not make them all ready in time for the tournament.

But the zombies are ready, the characters and warmachines are almost there and good progress on zombietrolls and skeletons. Now that just lacks the wraiths and cavalry. They will not be a rush job so they will just have to make do in the tourney.

 To the left are Mantic games wraiths. To the right Games workshops zombies painted to be my wraiths in the tourney. They will make do. The cavalry is severely lacking. I could bring out the dead of my mounted wights from GW.

Oh...The zombie horde! I am really happy with the result with this swamp base. Had a lot of help with the water effect from Lone. Cheers babe!

Now to the skeleton horde...
 I better get working on them...They do seem to lack a bit colour after all.....

mandag den 14. marts 2016

Zombies are roaming

More work on the swamp bases and a bit of paint. Still loads to do so I am thinking of doing the revenant riders as etheral, also my wraiths. Now I have 10 wraiths painted and ready. So they might do for now (for the tournament) I can always go back and redo when I have more time.

 Zombie trolls looking hungry. Still need a wash and some details. But they are getting close.
 Water effect and some leaves. It will get another coat of waterefect, then the rest of the zombies and some swamp grass. Possible some tuffts of grass too.

I still need to paint al the skeletons! And the 2 cataputs are not quite done, necromancers are coming along though and the licheking is close to finish. Will I be able to finish in time? 27th is game day! Raising the dead is hard work!!