mandag den 29. juni 2015

The warehouse district. Part 1

Impudent Mortal ran a Kickstarter to get his new line WAREHOUSE DISTRICT up and going. Well as you have seen in a previous post I pledged to get a full table. Now all I needed was to build it, paint it and game with it. 

Falcon warehousing and storage. A building which is quite big was the first I started on. As I organized the bits I was a bit overwhelmed. This is just part of what you get. Acrylic windows in the top is a cool addition to this piece of terrain.

Instructions can be found on Impudent Mortal webpage. And they were quite easy to follow. Though at one time I had a piece where I had no freaking idea where to put it. I will explain later...

Next time....I will use our dinner table. Needed a bit more space. It fits really wel together and there is not much cutting to do. And....NO! I did not glue myself to the building!

TADAAAAAAAAAA! Miniatures for scale from Across the dead earth. Wait ...hold on....Is that a break in? 

I have later stuck a little piece of mdf in to look like it is holding it up.
Details are really great. Now I will be using it both in Batmangames and post apoc games. So there will be a bit of weathering and neglect but not overly overgrown. This is also due to the fact that I can store it like the next picture.

I have started painting it but it will be a longer process. There are also the windows missing and the railings. I want to paint it before these are attached. And by the way...See that piece beside the miniature? That was the one that got me puzzled...

That little piece that got me puzzled...I had to write to Walt who is the mastermind behind Impudent Mortal. And after he pulled my leg he revealed its secret to me. Now I feel a bit stupid. What an absolutely great idea!!! Look for yourself!

There will be loads more to come from this project. The birth of a new citytable. So stay ready as I progress and build more from this! (And paint it)

mandag den 15. juni 2015

Birthday, terrain and good deals!

14th of June was my birthday and I got bacon and presents. One of the presents I knew since I pledged for it myself on Kickstarter. Impudent Mortal . Terrain, terrain and a bit more terrain. Lone gave me a good chunk of this! And it finally arrived!

Now to find time to glue it together and get it painted. You can bet there will be updates ! I have started small by assembling some crates, a nice feature is that there is stensils for use on the them. Fragile, radioactive and such. I took the whole warehouse district (not all the add ons) so it is actually a full table once I get it assembled. And it is looking reeeaaally cool. Here is the link to the kickstarter.

This week have seen me making some good deals in the hobby. And actually helping 2 mates from my gaming club to get some miniatures for a great price. And loads of stuff I need to sell on. Grey Knihgts in power armour and terminator armour. Limited edition bounty hunter for Necromunda. Limited Inquisitor (Gideon Lorr) for WH 40k. Spyrer gang for Necromunda. Possesed warband for Mordheim, 5 Seraphim, Eldar avatar......

Now I need to make some more terrain. And get stuff ready for the club tomorrow (Tuesday). They call for ZOMBIECIDE, so let`s go hunting!!

mandag den 8. juni 2015

A bit of everything...

Got a game in BATMAN MINIATURE GAME with 2 mates. I played Joker`s crew, Kenn was League of shadows and Steffen brought Batman and the law. Only my second game but it was fun! I lost but learned a lot. Here some pics from the game.

Click on the picture to view it in bigger. 200 points each crew. Will have another go tomorrow night.

Some of the terrain is from IMPUDENT MORTAL. I was in their latest kickstarter and recieved a letter today from customs...DAMMIT! Well on the bright side...I will soon have my own city!

This is the painting pallette I usually use..... Hehe no it is not. It is actually my girlfriends. Creative as well. Here is a work she is doing right now.

mandag den 1. juni 2015

More clowns, more bases and more cufflinks!

More work on my Joker crew. Mr. Candycane, Ms. Salem and introducing Harley Quinn. Really fun to paint these and made them pretty fast actually. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will have a small battle with them. Well..At 200 points I can not field them all. But lets see how that goes....

I needed some special bases for my Confrontation miniatures but had no interrest in buying new ones. So I got the greenstuff out and found a base I had lying around to use. This is not a copy of that base as mine will be the other way around. A bit of greenstuff on the base, flattened it, pressed it against the base and hey presto. Let it dry a bit and cut excess greenstuff of.

Now to let them dry fully and pin the models to them. All my base are belong to me!

Since me and Lone has been a pair for 10 years now I gave her a pair of earrings, a new canvas and a haircut. And she got me these badass cufflinks! Love them!

Yeah I love me some cufflinks, have about 40 different ones now. Looking forward to the next 10 years together!

mandag den 25. maj 2015

Joe Carr and friends

Why so serious ? This has nothing to do with zombies this time. This is Batman the miniature game. Finally I have finished some of the models for my Joker crew. And got hold of a cool ambulance at a carboot sale.

The clown in the front is my small tribute to a character from a Rob Zombie movie. More to come on that subject. These are really great sculpts! And quite fun to paint. Next up in is these two clowns. The girl is actually not a clown but will be painted as a tribute to THE LORDS OF SALEM. Yet another Rob Zombie movie. The clown on the right started out with a bat. A mate of mine wanted him to have an axe instead but dropped the idea. I then gave him what will become a big candycane!

I have 4 other clowns waiting, a tiatnclown and Harley Quinn in my box. Slow and steady progress.

Oh! And I watched Mad Max FURY ROAD yesterday! My holy batshit is was action packed! Loved it! And need to see it again to get it all! Great movie with high octan! Recommended highly from me. Now to get back to painting...

torsdag den 14. maj 2015


There are different kinds of zombies. Going from fast zombies, smart zombies and shambling zombies. Oh and radioactive ones as well... Which kind do you fear? "Oh I do not fear any of them! I know enough to battle them all!" I am sure you are correct. But that did not really answer my question...

For me it would be the Romero kind of zombies. Slow, shambling and unstoppable. Sure you can whack a couple if they get close, shoot them from afar... But there are more...And the slow unrelentless mass of undead hungering for your flesh will find you eventually. I think it is the prospect of having to fight the futility of them that scares me.

I was part of a weekend of HUMANS VERSUS ZOMBIES. Nerfguns. In this the zombies were fast, sneaky and many! My team (8 people) survived. But daaaamn the adrenaline was on constant alert to get pumped into my system! Good teamwork, a clear head and whiskey carried those days for us. At one time we were down to about 40 survivors and about to face 200+zombies. Thankfully our zombies were not really organized or we would surely have been joining them.

In my games I like to have all of them actually. Scary prospects in facing any of them. Like in the game of zombiecide. Walkers, fast zombies, fatty and the  big abomination. Worst case is when they are moving in a big group and you are fresh out of molotow cocktails..

Just a small rant from me here....Weather has been pretty decent so the garden has taken some of my time. Mead is still brewing. Gaming projects are not being ended....Sigh...

fredag den 1. maj 2015

Cult uprising!

If the end is near, fuck it! Wear what you like! Like a baws! Er....Well...Damn....

So then.... The endtimes have come. Sure with all the zombies. But an alien precense have now chosen to reveal it self, or rather the cult of those devious powers! No, I am not talking about politicians.... I bought a starter set with some extras from Macrocosm (click the link) Actually it was an easter present from the little missus. 

Recieving the first batch I noticed 2 models that had not travelled well. A barell from a gun was snapped of and a club. I contacted the company and showed the pictures of the models. Must confess I was amazed by the customer service. Not only would he send replacements, he would also add some more as a way to apologize. We had a good talk about packaging in the future and the next one arriving looked like this:

MUCH better. Bubblewrap and taped to the box. Everything in good order now. And now I know you want to see the models... Well from the first batch there are some models missing as I divided them up prior to painting. But here they are:

Good sculpts and not much cleanup to do. He has free rules for his game on the shop Link to rules which I have yet to try out. And the plan is to expand the range with more races. A DIGGER CORPS is the second to join in. On preorder now on the starter set which will include an extra miniature. Quite cool models too. 

 Really love this suit! I can see him waddle along while grunting curses!

Some of their allies, brutish and just want to curvestomp you! These are on my WANT list too.

Now the guys I painted up here, THE MALIGNANCY , I plan to use as KILL TEAM, ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH and NECROMUNDA. Really like the look of them and will be looking for the upgrades for them too. I have a bit of inside knowledge and believe me when I say that I am looking forward to them!

Right now 13 white ghosts are waiting for a bit of paint. More brothers to THE CHURCH OF HE WHOM WE DO NOT SPEAK OF....MUCH!