søndag den 29. november 2015

More cheap terrain

Oh! They use weapons now!

The christmas season is a time for us gamers to get hold of cheap terrain material. As I showed you last time, this post is also about some easy and cheap terrain. Both for use in fantasy and post apocalyptic. 

These bags was about £1 each for candle decorations. I saw something else I might get hold of but not sure how to use that for now.

 And the ever useull coffee stirrers. They are fantastic and free! The stirrers got a quick brush of a brown wash. A hot glue gun and about 4 minutes work you end up with this result:

Too lazy today to make some proper shots with terrain but these will give you a feel how they look. And as some may spot, deco broken glass pieces are shown in the box. Useull on the Frostgrave table.

For the astute of you...There are some projects in the background. The delightfully floating thing is from HERESY MINIATURES And you can be sure I will show you more of that model! I also got other models from him and must recommend him! There will soon be another order from me. It is really a treasure chest of miniatures to use in Frostgrave/Mordheim/fantasy whatever! Good castings too!

søndag den 22. november 2015

A bit of terrain and bears....Sort of...

First of, we in Denmark got the first taste of snow for this season. Which made the trains late. 1 hour journey turned into 2 1/2. Sigh... "Oh look! What a surprise. Something white falls from heaven!" Noone could have predicted what could happen. This have not been encountered before! (End of rant)

 Now to the terrain ! Needed more scatter terrain for Frostgrave, although I am thinking of using it in post apocalypse as well. There will be winter too with more hardships in the cold! This is some christmas decoration stuff, sprayed white already.

                                                     I think it was about £2 for this bag

A hot gluegun and about 15 minutes later you have some good and cheap terrain.  The chaos champion is Aekold Hellbrass, got him in a mixed lot. He might be used as a wizard or sold on. The plastic cold ones are from the same lot and they have been chosen to be used as bears in my random encounters. Now you might be thinking... That does not look like bears.... Firstly...You are in a city FULL OF MAGIC. Things might get mutated a bit. Second of all....I will close this blogpost with a picture that should make it quite clear that the cold ones will easily be used as bears. Take care out there in the cold real world.

 Happy dreams ;-)

søndag den 8. november 2015

Knowledge is power

I have been one myself!

Now then.....Knowledge. I decided to make some smaller stuff for terrain. Namely books and scrolls. And after having finding more of my foamcard I found it pretty easy to do! Here is how.

Foamcard cut in the form you want it. The one of the right was the tester for cover. Which is actually just a piece of sketchbook paper. The left one is the tester for how I could make it look like pages. It is a fleshwash, pure and simple. Then a thin liner to make it look like more layers.

Craft glue is highly recommended as superglue will leave a mark and....
Well...Just look at the next picture...

Sigh....Well back to the books. I marked of the edges and used kids colourpens to give a bit more to the books. The brown ones are actually fleshwash again. Really easy and makes it look more like leather.

 There you go. I like to keep it simple and I think it works nicely. Now to make something they can be stacked in... I have a friend working on that at the moment. Looking forward to see what he comes up with.
Warbears and stagriders! How freaking cool is this?! I can easily see them in games of Kings of War or just because...WARBEARS! The project has funded, so get in on the action to get them at good prices. Here is the link to the KICKSTARTER.

Yes, he fell asleep like that. Not much painting one can do like that...
Take care out there in the real world.



søndag den 1. november 2015

More Frostgrave happened

Battles have been raging all across the frozen city. In 2 diffeent clubs. Treasure has been gathered, zombies raised, demons summoned and a lot of fun has been had! Here some pictures for you.

 The orange tee is from THE BATTLEHAMMER . 
The link will take you to their youtube channel, not only Frostgrave but also Guildball, Wrath of kings and more madness. Quite fun the both of them.

Jason from Thunderchild miniatures has been busy as he got all the metal miniatures for the Kickstarter pledges. Really looking forward to them. More madness! We loves it we does! Go check the face book page here Wasteman.

Well...What else? Ordered the mats from Urbanmatz, they will be along this December. ound some christmas decorations that will be used as terrain. Trees with snow on. Cheap and easy. And I am slowly thinking of selling most of my 40k stuff. Might hold on to the praetorians. I am more and more drawn to other games in skirmish fashion. Macrocosm, Across the dead earth, Wasteman, Frostgrave.

søndag den 25. oktober 2015

That went fast...

The above will be pretty acurate.... I work in retail but unlike Shaun...I actually like my job. And I have mead at home. A baseballbat instead of the cricketbat. Hehe...But still...

So I missed a blogpost. Sorry guys (and gals) but time flew by. I do not quite remember my friday... No....Alcohol was not the case. My dentist was. I got drugged in order to remove 2 wisdom teeth. First one was done in 15 min. The other took 1 1/2 hour !!! Pretty damn happy my girlfriend was there, both to comfort me and help me get home as I was OUT! I am doing much better now though. No more meds.

Fight zombies? Sure...Bring them! 
Go to the dentist? FUCK OFF! 

I did get to do some gaming though, still advocating Frostgrave which have resulted in more players getting sucked in! Mwahahahahahhaa!!! 

And we (here at home) have started to remedy the problem with no real terrain for Frostgrave. 

 Had some boxes with HIRTS ARTS lying around. Not really anything for a project, but for the ruins of Frostgrave they were just perfect! Now I just need something else than the green mat we played on last. The postapocalyptic stuff will not do either.

URBAN MATZ should do nicely. I am about to order 2 matz from them. And I might do a review when I get them. 4x4 in snow theme and 6x4 urban. That should do quite nicely. Do check them out via the link. If you order now you actually get a carry case to go along for free!

And this arrived too:

 A really good deal so I took what I wanted from it and put the rest up for sale. Go find Dungeonloot on Facebook and have a look. 

Not much zombie this time...However I found this animated short that I really liked:
Click and watch. Now I will go and make the terrain ready for Frostgrave. And get some random encounters painted too. Take care out there.

mandag den 12. oktober 2015

Spreading the Frostgrave bug and loot!

So my girlfriend got a bit interrested as I told a bit about Frostgrave. It seemed like an easy game to try...Which she then did! Last sunday I had made her a warband and we fought here at home. I came to the understanding that I did not have much fantasy terrain at home. Whenever I play fantasy it is at the club. Hmm...Need to remedy that soon.

 Her Cronomancer warband with 2 archers, 2 infantrymen, a thief, a thug and ofcourse her wizard and her aprentice. These are all made from Reaper bones miniatures.
 And my Necromancer warband as you saw in the last blogpost but without the dog. (I forgot it)

 She caught on pretty well, remember that she is not a gamer at all. It was a fun game even when she took out 2 of my guys with oneshot kills in one turn. I am not one of those that go soft on a player in a demogame. They need to feel how the game really works. No need to go soft here....

(Revenge will be mine!)

Post game saw her getting some scrolls and gold plus going up a level, closely to the second level. I need to make a warband just for us to game with here at home. 

Fun fact: I did not get to raise a zombie...NOT ONCE!!!

And tomorrow evening (Tuesday 13th) will see me doing demogame at the club. 2 hardy wizards have stepped up to the challenge with a third lurking in the shadows...He might be joining as well...


And now...A zombie...It is October after all!

 Now then....This Friday will be like pulling teeth. Yes....I need two gone...Really not looking forward to it....

mandag den 5. oktober 2015

Frostgrave, tooth and zombies.

Well I need to get 2 wisdomteeth removed. One of them made me have a vicious infection which brought me down. Damn.... But not just the one has to go, another is ready to start trouble too plus it has the begginnings of a hole. Might as well get that out as well now that I am there! NOT looking forward to it....

I have just started a campaign in FROSTGRAVE. Meet my warband. JoeBob my wizard in purple. JimBob my aprentice. The archer Pointy Dave. The tracker Miss. Dave. Dave Bear is one of my infantrymen and Momma Dave is the other infantry(wo)man. Sneaky Dave is my thief. Daaave is a thug, so is DaveDave. Bitey Dave is a warhound/squig and Dead Dave may appear if he is summoned. He actually did not make an apperance in my first fight, I was too busy flinging Bonedarts !

My opponent (Tim) used his orks to represent his warband, sadly I forgot to take a group photot of them. Cool idea though. It is one of the reasons I like Frostgrave, you use the miniatures that you have. No reason not to have your warband as Beastmen, Ratmen or whatever. As long as you can id what they are. Thief, thug, archer and so forth.

Our battle took place in a museum. 6 chests of loot! Oh and some constructs that came "alive" when we got hold of the loot. Whoops.... And we used the extra rule that states: When taking hold of a treasure roll a die. On the roll of 16+ a random encounter will happen. Well that happen 4 out of the 5 times we did. They come in at a random tableedge. The first 3 (bear, armoured skeleton and then 2 wolves) chose MY FREAKING TABLEEDGE! The last who was a snowleopard chose a neutral tableedge. All in all a really fun game. Here...Have a couple of pictures.

 In the end I came away with 2 treasure and Tim got one out. A bloody fight! I took his aprentice out MWAHAHAHAHA! (Erm sorry) No harm was done as we rolled for injuries after the game. And now my wizard has a ring of protection and a grimoire (Animate construct). He got 2 levels which I am unsure how to use at this point. Oh and 240 gold coins. Nice! My warhound is missed in next game but that is okay. Now they needed a basecamp, what better place for a necromancer...THE CRYPT! It will also confer a +2 on raising zombies. You can bet your soul that Dead Dave will appear in my next game!

And it is ZOMBTOBER which means I get to paint more zombies. Here is Dead Dave:

If you want to have a bit of fun and see some battlereports from Frostgrave, Guildball and just plain madness from 2 nutters... Go to youtube and search for BATTLEHAMMER. They show what I feel is the meaning behind these games. Having fun while playing! Though there are some grumpy faces whenever the rolls are bad. (Often). But do check them out.

Here....Have a link to the start of one of their games you lazy bums! 

Now to make ready for a demogame of Frostgrave tomorrow at the club. Take care out there....