søndag den 26. oktober 2014

A failure and competition!

Too many distractions have meant that I can not complete Zombtober. I have not been idle there has just been some "butterflies" passing by. Like the stuff arriving from Across the dead earth and I will be doing a demo game this coming Tuesday. Mini me needs to get some paint! 

And this guy came in the mail, mutant guy from Thunderchild
His hands have been magnetised in order for me to exchange his weapons as I see fit. I am told he will get some friends soon. Like a Mutie brute leader!  I will do a review on a later time.

Now....How about that little contest? In a Facebook group I mentioned some of the projects I was working on and showed a picture of my worktable. I have been tidying the lace up a bit now and took a photo of it. There are more than 10 manufacturers present on this table. The one who gets the most correct will win a surprise from me! As a tiebreaker write what you think is my favorite game to play is right now. Write your answer in the comments section below. Competition ends this Friday the 31st.

Click on the picture for a bigger size, may help a bit. Good luck!

mandag den 20. oktober 2014

Late and no zombies...

"That is not a zombie model!" You are right. It is however a butterfly. Let me explain this concept. I suffer alot from this. Starting a project and then suddenly "Oooh...Look a butterfly!" Something catches my eye and I follow that. This time my butterfly was an old battered Gorkamorka truck I got in a trade.

I have always loved this truck and the thought occured to me that it would fit in my post apoc theme. And after a google search I found the picture on top of this blogpost. Scrounging through my bits from Ramshackle Games I found the bits I needed. As well as some wire used normally for flower decorations.

Guy on the left is a commander from the newly released resin tank kit. Legs are from the Gorkamorka gunner. Guy on the right comes like that as a driver from Ramshackle.

And this is where I am now with it. The tarp will be rolled up and stuck to the vehichle. Painting still needs details. But really satisfied so far.

And another butterfly....My stuff from Across the dead earth have arrived!
And sometimes...A pug lies on my lap and prevents me from doing much....

søndag den 12. oktober 2014

Zomtober II and stuff

And mostly this year too.....
I have had a great weekend! My oldest brother and his wife came up to see us. Copenhagen had a culturenight. Which means all sort of things are happening in the city. Open access to places the public normally is not allowed.  Like the city hall, a subway like you see in these pics.

 It took place this Friday. They slept at our place and Saturday we went bargain hunting at a carboot sale/fleamarket. Really fun and we managed to get some good deals. They went home later Saturday and Sunday Lone and I took to the market again.

I found a box of metal miniatures from GW at a steal! Now I just need to sell them so I can buy more zombies! Here are some of them!!

Oh and talking of zombies. Yes I know...I do not follow the rules of zomtober.... But I do paint zombies. Take a look at the progress of my Fancy dress zombies from Grekwood miniatures.

"It was one hell of a party!"

søndag den 5. oktober 2014


Already broke the first rule...Get zombie(s) painted and show in blog each Sunday. Oh frag it! I do it my way! Grekwood miniatures has some FANCY DRESS zombies. Think of a Halloween party. And the zombie douche keep biting people. Oh...He was NOT dressed up! I bought them last year or something like that. Prepped them, undercoated them and....Hey look! A butterfly! Oooh that is quite cool! Hey what is this? Across the dead earth game testing? Could be cool. And loads of other stuff. So the FANCY DRESS zombies have gotten no love what so ever. Now...Is the time!

And why have there not been any progress on them to show you? Well....Work, fighting Storm Troopers, Heavy metal concert, art exibition and the sea took my time.

Really fun game. Rules tweaked from the roleplaying game. Turns are based on a draw of cards. Still need a bit of work but the main part: It was fun!

That guy close to the middle with a HAVOK t-shirt on...That would be me this last Friday night! 3 metal bands played at the metal bar HIGH VOLTAGE. The guys on stage here are CHAINFIST and the main reason that I was there. Did I mention there was beer? And I had to work Saturday? "I will just have a few..."

This was where we went today (Sunday) Pretty cool trip. I am mostly attracted to the more vibrant colour paintings. We took no pictures inside though. It lies pretty close to the sea so we got down there to enjoy the salty air.

There is something soothing to the sound of crashing waves. Really cool! No zombies but I will finish this blog post with a selfie of me and the little miss.

I still look tired on this picture.....

søndag den 28. september 2014

Nerd in work, step back please.

I freely admit to being a nerd. For me it just means that I have a passion to delve into.  And these days it is IN to be a nerd. Some people.....Try too hard....

You...As readers of my blog will already know that I have a passion for zombies and wargaming. Where did it all start? Warhammer 40.000? No.... Roleplaying pen and paper like Dungeons and Dragons? No..... Books with "You are the hero". ? No...... Lego? .........YES!

And I still like to use my creativity with LEGO. The latest is this:

Magnets glued to the back. Hands fit PERFECT for holding the chargers. I made one for Lone as well. Ofcourse. Actually that was the first I made.

Never too old for LEGO, never to old to play.

As other Nerds go....Did you know that:

VIN DIESEL has been (still is) Dungeon and dragons player. So is MIKE MYERS.
LEONARDO DICAPRIO collects Star Wars characters.
ROBIN WILLIAMS played Eldar in Warhammer 40.000

Just to mention some of the fellow nerds.....

søndag den 21. september 2014

State trooper Siwoc

From ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH comes The State. We Beta testers got to be immortalised as miniatures. Yes....That is yours truly in the middle. As a scout trooper. The miniatures have been made and below are 2 examples. The first is from The artificer, brilliant paintjob! And the second is from our own little blogger Brummie!

Really like both styles.Looking forward to getting hold of the miniature myself and ofcourse the rest of the state team. Just for fun....I thought of getting hold some pictures done of me as Scout Siwoc. With the help of a friend (Thanks Niels) and Lone, my lovely girlfriend who was the photographer, the results are here below.

When she could stop laughing or giggling she managed to make some pretty good shots of me. And she double as a lookout as we had a couple of people doing a double take when they spotted me! 

And just for the delight of Simon, please have this little piece of music playing as you watch the last picture:

And with that......I will depart again. I have miniatures to paint!

søndag den 14. september 2014


It all went boom! And now we try to survive. Well....In gaming..... And I found a new maker of bits for the post apocalypse gaming. Introducing THUNDERCHILD MINIATURES . I bought a few test items (as they looked cool) to check the quality out.

White resin. Good details an NO cleanup needed! They are sized for 25mm - 32 mm gaming. And was quite fun to paint. Mind you I still need to finish the last piece, the broken barrel in a puddle of goo.

Works well as cover pieces on the gaming table. (Please do not shoot at the bomb!) And will be used in my next battle report.

Deadzone zombie for scale.

The logo on the bomb is a freehand by me. It is the symbol of THE STATE from the game of ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH . And Curtis the cultist again as scale comparison.

There is a lot of good stuff from Thunderchild and I need to get  hold of some more of it. Go check him out. Pricerange is pretty good too.