søndag den 20. juli 2014

Tanks...Tanks a lot !

Ramshackle Games had a Kickstarter with a new tank. Actually it was a 2in1 tank. As you will see later in this blog. I backed it with 3 tanks. Kickstarter ended June the 5th and my resin goodies arrived about 1 1/2 week ago. Delievered at my workplace and I had vacation so only got hold of them a week ago.

Not pictured here are the sidesponsons and 2 pairs of extra armour. One of the bodyblocks had a chip and the exaust on one of them had broken of. No big deal. A bit of clean up was needed and a wash. Release agent is troublesome when its time to paint them. I has to mention that Curtis/Ramshackle sculpting and casting has greatly improved in quality over the last couple of years.  And still keeping very resonable prices on it. I love the fact that you can buy the bits too.

I got together with some of the guys from my club SLAGMARKEN (Battlefield) and had a nerdy Saturday with barbeque as well. Oh and mead ofcourse! And I got to tackle the tanks! A hot/humid day with great company. Just about as crazy as I am.....Picture to prove it!

Cheers guys for a great day/evening!

Well back to the subject...TANKS! Pictured below you will see some of the options you get in the Battledog/Pug kit. Battledog-With turret. Pug-Without turret. NOT pictured is all the variants for the gunners weapons, the hullmounted weapons, extra armour and sponsons.

Same chassis used in all of these pictures. Weapons have been bluetacked in place. Think they will be magnetised in order for me still to have the freedom to switch them how I wish. I bought 3 tanks, Curtis mentioned to me the final order reached 200 tanks in total!

This antiaircraft gun can be bought from the store. It is not part of this kit. But it fits ooooh so nicely!  Just adding a bit of details to my tanks and then the task of painting them! By the way...Price for these 3 tanks....£65! And a ton of extra bits! The price may go up a bit when they hit his store as this was the kickstarter price.

torsdag den 10. juli 2014

Things are looking good

2 of my lovely ladies! Both looking a bit tired in this pic. Sorry... Vera (our pug) has the lampshade of now. Healing progress in her eye is looking good. Going in the right direction, still drip her eye about 5 times a day (2 different meds) and a pill. Thank you all for the well wishes.

Yes...These are danish ice lollies.  Brain bites!!!

And I have been throwing more paint on my ZOMBICIDE miniatures!

 Welcome to mama`s house boys!
 Come at me bro!
 I got that SLENDER MAN  feeling about these guys...
And testing some colours for the BERZERKER variant.

Oh and to clarify some bits. The house behind the zombies are from Sarissa. The road section is a gaming tile from ZOMBICIDE. And I am Lord Siwoc, hoping that you keep looking out for eachother out there!

torsdag den 3. juli 2014

Zombicide and pug update.

Season 3 of ZOMBICIDE is up and running on Kickstarter and doing quite well. Several stretchgoals have been busted already. I love this game, I game way to seldom with it. Have not even tried the "toxic" rules out yet or played using anything from season 2. And then ofcourse...There is the painting side of things. A bunch of the zomies has been shipped out to Lead Legion painting . Which still leaves me with a bit over 60 survivors/zombivors, dogs and zomiedogs plus all the zombies from season 2. As I wrote the start of this blogpost they were undercoated black. Well...The survivors/zombivors.

I have some time of. Holidays. So  I decided to tackle this painting project!

As of NOW I have split them in 2 groups. It was a bit too much I must admit and I do not want to loose the painting mojo. So I will be focussing on the 30 to the right.

As much as I want to be part of Zombicide season 3, I fear that I am not able to. Priority has been on our pug Vera. Poor thing has a hole in the eye. We are still hoping it turns out good. And so far progress is good. The hole has not been getting bigger at least. And she was in surgery today to remove a bit of skin by the eye so her eyelashes would not go into her eye. We do have insurrance but still need to pay first, then collect the money after all is done. Going to be tough, but what matters most is the wellbeing of our pug Vera! Get well soon sweetey!

søndag den 29. juni 2014

We interrupt this blog....

For a bit of something else. We have 2 pugs. Lovely furballs. One of them is however sick at the moment. A small scarring in the eye. At worst case she will loose the eye. She is still happy with tail wagging. Or actually...With a pug...It is the bottom wagging! Here is hoping the best for her. She is getting serum, anitibiotika and lots of love.

I have nothing zombie/post apocalyptic to show you this time.That is not to say I have done nothing on the hobby. At my club we have a small competition. Paint your miniatures. If you win the vote of one month, you get to decide what will be painted for next month. First we had HEAVY/TANK. Then ELITE/SPECIALIST. All game systems are allowed. This month (June) was TROOP:

Boots all got glossy varnish in order for them to look like freshly polished. Standards must be maintained, war or no war!

søndag den 22. juni 2014

Apoc London bus and 50k hits!

50.982 hits to be more precise! Cool! Thanks to you! To see and hear that someone is reading this blog helps me keep doing it. And to think....This all started as I was surfing the internet for pictures of zombies in 28 mm scale. And I came by the blog of Bryan/Vampifan . So he is actually the one to blame ;-) .

Now then, as you know I took a little trip to London last week. And came back with some toys. One of the London doubledecker busses has been.....Taken care of!

There may be a bit more foilage on it. But for now it works. Both with the wheels on and without as a piece of scenery/terrain.  And to give you a little teaser about what I am painting too, more miniatures from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH.

mandag den 16. juni 2014

Back from London

And what a great time we had! Really do love London! And London seems to be quite fond of me too. My girlfriend Lone and I enjoyed it and got a bit of shopping done too. Clothes for her and some toys for me! Complientary champagne from the hotel as I turned 40 last Saturday while in London!

Burlesque show at my birthday at PROUD CABARET CITY. I was allowed to look at butts and boobies as much as I wanted too! Lone complimented the girls too mind you. AND this was actually Lone`s idea! 

Friday we actually managed to meet up with Mike from Across the dead earth .A real nice guy ! Had lunch with him and we had brought some presents from Denmark to him and his brother Rich, just for a bit of fun. He had some miniatures for me from the game, THE RED CLAW gang plus a special minature. Mike is an absolute good guy in my book. One thing is to talk via Facebook or email another thing is to talk to him face to face. And we really enjoyed his company. He then surprised us by paying for the lunch!!! Cheers again Mike!!!

The gang as well as one of the London busses I got hold of. It needs to get converted to look more post apocalyptic. Thinking of doing one as a wreck.

This DREXYL miniature will not go into production. But it will be fighting in my games!
 This is from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH Facebook page, a nice deal for you to get started!
"Want to find out if Across the Dead Earth is for you? Want to get a handle on the game without pre-ordering the Starter Sets? Simply want to know more about it? If you purchase the PDF rulebook now for only £5, we'll then give that £5 back as a discount against the print version of the rulebook or either of our starter sets should you decide to purchase them later! http://www.deadearth.co.uk/?wpsc-product=across-the-dead-earth-living-pdf"

Oh and my addiction towards cufflinks was somewhat satisfied...

 Some of them was presents from my lovely girlfriend.

Tate Modern and the National Portraits Gallery was visited as well. And was both really good.

London....We will be back!!!

mandag den 9. juni 2014

Bunnies VS zombies !

This sounds just about that part of crazy that I would love! A boardgame, bunnies fighting the zombies. Save the carrots! Coming to KICKSTARTER on the 11th and NOT today (9th) of June as it says in the tease below!!!


Click that link above to go to the youtube teaser trailer!

Well you might have guessed already...I will be backing this bunny!

Are you scared? Remember...