torsdag den 6. juli 2017

But where has the rum gone?

To folow up from last blogpost.... Here be Pirates! A kickstarter from Macrocosm 
Click the link please.  A wellcome surprise as the parcel arrived. Last Saturday I had a dark reminder that I needed to listen a bit more to my body. Signs of stress popped up. Now this has just been a warning to me, as I did not fully crack. I have two weeks vacation so at least good timing. Now...To the miniatures

 And bases...We need some wood. The deck of the ship. Thankfully Lone helped me in cutting the stuff up.

 So a bit of clean up on the miniatures and I have started the painting progres, just with a handfull to start. This way it does not seem overwhelming.

 Coming along nicely mateys! And...I am pretty sure I have two ships somewhere. Yes I know...I am a gaming nerd, what do you want me to say? I also know I have some treasure chests, human pirates and some cannons. 

What is a pirates favorite letter in the alphabet?
The R you say?
No no no.....
Everybody knows...Any Pirate wil say he loves the C !

Now...If you wil excuse me...I found me a treasure map and need to assemble my crew.
Good tidings to you !

3 kommentarer:

  1. Ye be a mighty fine irate pirate and drink ye mead and rum for the next wee fortnight, me good lad!

  2. Dwarf pirates what is not to love.

  3. Awesome they look like fab minis mate.