søndag den 19. marts 2017

Post apocalyptic riding in style

It is coming...Ever closer....So might as well have a ride! Car or bike, entirely up to you but I have made my choise. The KICKSTARTER is live now so to get the good deals go help them reach the target!

And more to come, bikes too. You can already add a bike as add on. Or one of their starting gangsets. The models are really cool. I have several of them and they fit so great in postapocalyptic gaming.

Here are a couple of examples painted by me. Yes...They have bacon! Oh wait...Pigs...They have pigs!

 And on top of it...Hyacint games are quite nice guys. I will likely add more stuff than just cars. V8 engines reving ! This...Is going to be bad....In a good way!

Don`t get left behind in the dust! BE SHINY AND CHROME! 

10 kommentarer:

  1. I can see this kickstarter being a winner.

    Nice vehicles I just hope the rules are good.

  2. @Clint you can download them for free on the site or through DrivethruRPG http://wreck-age.net/index.php/online-store#!/2017-2nd-Edition-Wreck-Age-basic-rules/p/80742051/category=0

    Thanks Johnny!

  3. Nice job with the boar and shielded dude! Looking forward to this!

  4. The cars look nice, bu I'm not convinced by the pig.

  5. Nice work, my friend. Thanks for the tip on the KS!

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