søndag den 21. maj 2017

Going between 50 and 80 %

Time to adress this problem. I have loads of projects going on. From my IMPUDENT MORTAL terrain, Praetorian guard 40k, The Walking dead miniatures through to selling some surplus and abandoned projects. And aaalways...There is a damn cool kickstarter that will catch my eye!

 I want to do it all! Paint them, convert it, play games! I do get some games in between. A good friend of mine Kenn has an everstanding challenge with me in DEADZONE.
 Really really love this game. Mostly due to the mechanics, but the fact that it is easy to set up and put away again do have some big points! Scenery picture here is from Kenn. You can spot his tummy and hands in the upper of the picture hehe.

My setup to painting some of it has been done. And I am quite pleased with it. An old display setup from Emporio Armani underwear works great for my needs!

 A bit more clean up has happened. Sold more of my old miniatures in order to make room plus fund my kickstarter addiction. So in short....I am okay. Just need to finish a project...Or 12 !!

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  1. lol nice to see you posting mate and some progress being made. You will all of a sudden have a ton of stuff to share.

    1. I should hopefully hehe. Chhers mate

  2. When does a project ever get finished? We always find more to do...

  3. Nice to have an uodate from you and seeing your hobby progress.

  4. There's always more shiny stuff out there. But at least you're making progress!

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  6. Good luck with the many. many projects! :)

  7. There's always more shiny stuff out there. But at least you're making progress!
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