mandag den 17. oktober 2016

Cheap terrain !

Welcome once again to my wasteland. Now then... My mind has been into Frostgrave for some time and I miss the post apocalypse universe a bit. And as I was sitting and thinking up ideas for underround terrain in Frostgrave... Well... It could be quite usefull in Post apoc games as well.

The above photo is from WWII and shows a bombed out part of a city. Much what I think a post apoc wil look like too. Sure there will be some buildings that are mostly intact, but some parts will not. 

White foam (correct name in english has escaped me. not quite isolation foam) A foam cutter, paint and a girlfriend willing to help out. This really did not take any time and was dirt cheap. I already had the foam.

 Alot of the paint on this is Lone, my girlfriend who did this. I was the cutter and master builder.

  The mat is fantastic! And you can get it from URBANMATZ  
Mousemat material which is water repellant. I like it a lot, also the clatter of dice is much more quite. Check them out as they have mats in sizes from 3x3 to 4x6. Plus a LOAD of designs!

I will likely use it in Frostgrave too, but you can be sure these ruins will see action in games of ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH . Many of the miniatures in the folowing pictures are from that game. Fast paced and fun, easy to learn game.

 The last 2 miniatures seen here are from EM4 miniatures. I would use a lot more scatter terrain if it were a real game. This has just been set up in under 5 minutes to show it of. And that is the beauty of it. Scatter terrain in a box. Mat rolls up nicely and the ruins packs quite nicely flat in a box. Minimal storage.

Go for it yourself. The gaming board looks sooo much better with some terrain on it. Not just a Mountain Dew can as a watchtower and 2 books as a hill. And paint your miniatures...They fight better (mostly). Which reminds me...I have 2 gangs from Across the dead earth which I have yet to paint.... Whoops....

Take care out there

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  1. Looks great - the last Pic made my thing of Rogue Stars. Looking forward to that one...

  2. Looking good dude. It's what I used for most of mine just based and added some flock and debris :)

  3. Very nice, Lone has done good, my missus often helps with my terrain pieces which I really enjoy! Polystyrene is the English word ;-)

  4. It is used for insulation and in english it is just called that: insulation foam, expanded polystyrene or, as in Danish, Flamingo. Not to be confused with Extruded polystyrene, which is what we traditionally call Blue or Pink foam...

  5. Nice work, Johnny. I am trying to organize the stuff I want to use in FG.
    The mat is nice too, might be good for my zombicide games.

  6. Excellent example of low cost and easy to make ruins. These look great for any post apocalypse setup. Great job!

  7. Very effective (and cheap). Having a girlfriend who helps is special too :-) !

  8. Very basic, but very effective.