tirsdag den 4. oktober 2016

Winners and update

There were a lot of great names for the battle snail! And I do hope that some of you backed the project to get hold of one yourself? I had a hard time trying to decide...So I did not. I asked Lone (My beautifull girlfriend) to pick 2 she found funny.

Carl Packham and his Snailey McSlimetrail
Ian Riley and his trusty Shelly the Slug.

Congratulations guys. Get in touch via lordsiwoc@gmail.com to get your prize.
And the rest of you go check out WASTEMAN to get hold of some awesome miniatures too!

 This is Vera, our 10 year old pug. Loving and sweet. She was in surgery last week. A smal puncture in her right eye. And she had her eye sewn shut. We are going to the vets later today to get the stitches out and hopefully check that everything is okay.

 My computer is really acting up. Not sure if it "just" needs a good cleaning of the insides or it is turning into a zombie. But it is the main reason that I could not post this on Sunday.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome to find I won. Hope Vera is recovering well. Best regards Johnny.

  2. Well done to the winners, get well soon Vera!

  3. Congrats to the winners, hope Vera will be fine!

  4. well done winners, get well soon Vera the Pug

  5. As the others have said, congratulations to the winner and I hope that the dog (and computer) get well soon.

  6. Well done the winners I look forward to seeing them all painted and on your blogs.

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