mandag den 7. marts 2016

Getting it together

Basing is coming along. So is painting the hordes. I might actually finish this on time! And for those of you that actualy wondered what I was going to use the big brush for...Swamp grass!

A hot glue gun, a helpfull girlfriend and the cut off bristles. Hey presto! I think they wil add a lot to the bases, not that there will be many of them on there. I am doing a minimum count of models on my bases. Meaning that if the regiment is 20 models, I will be using half of those +1. That would be 11 in total. Basetaps cut of and glued to the movementtray.

Also....I needed some zombie trols. A mate of mine (Cheers Morten) had some of the "living" trolls that he wanted to part with. I just needed to make them look a bit undead. Looking around in my bits and stuff I found a clix model that I originally got from our man in Berlin. Christian. Cheers buddy.

And that coffin...That could be useful too... And that old GW skeleton....Now if I could....

Now to find a proper miniature to be the licheking.... Hmmm....Oh hello! On Facebook I noticed someone trying to gather money to get Bob Olley to sculpt a model and to pay for a limited run of casting it. Wel it succeeded!


8 kommentarer:

  1. I love the coffin carrying monster.

  2. Wow, is that a proxy Evil Ash in the last picture? What Facebook group is he from?

  3. Cheers guys. Facebook group look for I LIVE AGAIN

  4. Cheers guys. Facebook group look for I LIVE AGAIN

  5. You have been busy LS, all good stuff.