mandag den 14. marts 2016

Zombies are roaming

More work on the swamp bases and a bit of paint. Still loads to do so I am thinking of doing the revenant riders as etheral, also my wraiths. Now I have 10 wraiths painted and ready. So they might do for now (for the tournament) I can always go back and redo when I have more time.

 Zombie trolls looking hungry. Still need a wash and some details. But they are getting close.
 Water effect and some leaves. It will get another coat of waterefect, then the rest of the zombies and some swamp grass. Possible some tuffts of grass too.

I still need to paint al the skeletons! And the 2 cataputs are not quite done, necromancers are coming along though and the licheking is close to finish. Will I be able to finish in time? 27th is game day! Raising the dead is hard work!!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Nice job, as it is right now you could use the zombie pond for moderns, too.

  2. Great bases Johnny! I hope you get it all finished in time dude!

  3. Great going Johnny. I'm struggling with mine as iv got about 150 Easterling infantry to do. All that red and brass argh.