søndag den 28. februar 2016

Dead man on the rise

2 games in with my undead. The battlegroup has been changed 3 times now and will change a bit still... But the game is easy to get the hang of and I am getting tactics to work. That is always a good thing! 

 To stop a flank charge I put a necromancer in as a speed bump. He actually survived! Then got out of the way to get the real guys into the fight.

 First game was against RATKIN (Skaven) and scenario was DOMINATE. At the end we were both bloody and beaten with not much left. He took the win as he could muster more than 200 points where it mattered.

 Flankcharging a giant with revenant cavalry from one side and a horde of skelton spears from the other side, only a messy pulp was left behind.

I took zombietrolls instead of the werewolves and have already decided they better suite my style of play. Took of one of the catapults to try bowmen. The single catapult I had in this game more than paid of! Not one miss!!! I will be bringing the other back again! My tactics were sound so I am holding on to that. At a crucial point in the game 2 of his big units did not want to charge (yellow bellied rule) which meant...Flank charges GO! My ombies held firm this time around. Well done lads.

So the armylist is coming along nicely together with the tactics. Now to concentrate on getting the bases done.

See the large brush? No it is not for getting the army quickly painted! Next blogpost will reveal what I am using that for.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Great stuff with lots of piccies. love your zeds :-)

  2. Awesomeness dude good to see you getting some games in with your undead.

  3. It's good to get in some games, isn't it? I'm curious about Kings of War; it seems to be increasing in popularity.

    What will you use the brush for? Elephant grass!

  4. It#s always good to play games and you seem particularly enthusiastic about these - must have been a lot of fun.