søndag den 21. februar 2016

Kings of war, raising the dead.

You already know I have some of Mantic games undead miniatures. So why not actually build an army and take it to a tournament? Good idea !

Erm...Wait...What? I have tried the game with the "old" rules about twice. Never with the new rules. And then a tournament ? Having sold alot of my old gw undead what can I put on the table? Oh for f#¤% sake! Oh well....There is plenty of time, the tournametn is March the 27th. 

Theme basing and multibasing. Cork bought in a poundstore and movement trays bought a while ago from WARGAME MODEL MODS . And about to put a smal order in since I need more.

 I was thinking on lava basing for a while, these could easily be done like that. But then again...Swamp! Having my undead drag themself out of the stinking bog ready to take hold of some of the living, and drag them down into the mire with them! Twisted thinking? Well...I am a necromancer....

So....Buid an army on paper . Done...Mostly. Need to do some games to see if it works like I want to play. People can have fantastic tactics, does not mean it fits my style of play. I want it to be fun for me to game with, though that sometimes means it is not the strongest.

 As it stands right now. Testing how the miniatures will line up. How to make the swamp look with the miniatures. Oh and this shoud total 1500 points. Will be throwing some magic items in the mix as well.

Now I have a time schedule to keep!!

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  1. I always find I work best if I have a deadline to keep. Good luck, mate!

  2. Excellent! Look forward to seeing the army raise itself :)

  3. Good luck Johnny! Can't wait to see the fruits of your labour.

  4. Looks fun.

    I've just started playing KoW too. There's a video Mantic did on YouTube about how to use the surge spell that is helpful.

    Also, I know you're thinking swamps, but the Renedra gravestones are a fantastic and cheap way of bulking out undead units quickly, especially a zombie legion.

  5. I like the Mantic undead army having bought the box set deal, only 30 more skeleton warriors to paint, last time my brush touched a mini from the army - 2 years!

  6. I like the sound of lava basing, bring on the heat!