søndag den 14. februar 2016

Been busy

Been busy in life. Yeah I know...Booooring.... I thought about posting a blog talking a bit about THE WALKING DEAD game and Kickstarter from MANTIC GAMES. But you have probably already seen it or are backers already. I could talk about DEADPOOL.... But though he looks like one, he is not a zombie. And I do not wish to put spoilers hee for those that have not yet seen it. I thoriughy enjoyed it!!!

 Now I did do some gaming. 6mm World War II. No...There were no nazi zombies! Really good game which I will be doing more of. The dice you see in the picture is a standard size die. (The germans won, my side)

 And I had Lone to help me with the window dressing at the mens store I work at.

I think they came out pretty okay. Fun to do and a way to get the creative out! 

On a different note, I got hold of 2 sets of Bloodbowl Amazons. Each of 12 models. Very cool! Will be selling the other set, keeping one for myself. Really lucky find.

Now then....I need to get back to painting. These are 3d sculpts and I will have a review up on them with links to the shop. Looks good so far but I want to see how they are after a bit of paint.

 Dumpsters are for Batman and post apoc games like Across the dead earth. The rest can be used in them as well but also for Frostgrave.  (And no, they were not sprayed inside)

8 kommentarer:

  1. Do you own 6 mm WW2? Which rulesystem did you play?

    1. A friend of mine has a US and a German army. I have a company of German paratroopers and some Marders somewhere. Game system is FISTFULL OF TOW if I remember coreectly.

  2. You have been very busy and getting games in as well is a real boost.Lukcy find too with the Amazons, I still think Bloodbowl is the best of the "football" style games.

  3. I know how you feel Johnny! At least you got some gaming in.

  4. Real life has to be obeyed, doesn't it :-) ? Deadpool is on my "definite maybe" list of films to see. And I'm intrigued by the crates & dumpsters - I'd like to know more!

  5. Dead pool is one of the best films I've seen, what a cracker!