søndag den 31. januar 2016

Survival on a budget

But weapons are not everything. You need water and food too. And in general, how good a scavenger are you? Priorities? Well we saw some on youtube take a challenge. And thought it could be fun to try it out.

Rules are:
The 5 C must be covered !
Cover, Combustion, Cordage, Cutting and Container.
Budget on 100 kr must not be exceeded! (Around 15 Euro, £10 and 15 $)

We used the same store but at a different time. This way we could not see what the other was looking at and finding. This was really fun, even for Lone which dove straight for the challenge! Normally it is me that is a bit crazy about this zombie apocalypse stuff but this challenge got her fired up. Check out the results here.

First up is Lone. Much better on cordage than I was. And I really like the container she found, which had a small container too! She also found a frame for holding LP covers, and no...it does not go under COVER for this challenge!

 I took candles too. The container has sewing stuff in there. And the bags are resealable. But it is quite funny to see how close we were at some of the things.

We both spend 100kr excactly. Now we might be able to do this better given the time and if we could check out more shops. But this needed to be kept as one shop, find it and get out of there.

So there you have it. Our attempt at a budget survival kit. Are you up for the challenge? You will start to think of things a bit different. How can I use this? Can I use it for more than one purpose?

I dare you! Take the challenge and be prepared!

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  1. Hah, what a neat idea! Totally impractical for when/if a real apocalypse comes along, I suspect.

  2. I saw this on youtube, really inteesting. Its also practical, as zombies are just one of dozens of things that can go wrong if you ever watch the history channel :) Actually we should teach kids a general survival class.