lørdag den 16. januar 2016

Urban mat from URBANMATZ

From URBANMATZ comes this awesome urban mat in 6x4 at 59 Euro, including a free carry bag for it.
Made in mousemat material, flexible, waterproof and with great detail on it. Do I like it? Oooooh yes!

Take a look at these pics where I threw some buildings and miniatures up. Batman, Across the dead earth, really any kind of post apoc games and 40k could easily be played on it as well.

It took me NO time to set this up. Imagine if you will...When I pull it all out! Get the buildings finished including painting them!! Now this is the 6x4 mat but you can get it in 3x3 too which is perfect in size for Batman the miniatures game. The mat really adds so much more to the game. 

On a side note.... I have mentioned that it was PUG TESTED as our pugs played on the mat and even pawed at it with no problems arising. As I got ready to take the pictures my girlfriend Lone stood and look at it, feeling the texture. 
"And it is waterproof this one too?" 
Yes, all their mats are.
" It works well as a dining cloth too then. I like the fabric."

So there you have it. URBANMATZ are PUG TESTED and WIFE APROVED.


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  1. Svar
    1. And I love that the mat softens the clatter of the dice!

  2. Very nice dude. Adds a lot to the tabletop

  3. Good looking Mat. I do wonder with the road placement if this would dictate the terrain/ building layout! Probably not as much as the enjoyment of having it down on the table.

    1. Not much actually, as you can still move them a bit and have a new pattern.

  4. That is FAB. I must check them out.

  5. Great looking playing surface/table cloth !

  6. Thanks for drawing attention to these. :)

    I am already considering an order. :)

  7. Ei, you really make me regret not finding the money for these.