onsdag den 6. januar 2016

Snowmat, winner and stuff...

And so we shall ! By random drawing Chris from http://skirmishoutbreak.blogspot.dk/ 
won my giveaway. I have sent you an email. This year I plan to do more giveaways like this. Maybe some miniatures from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH  as I have some spare. This...Will be a good year!

It has started well. We have been cleaning a lot in the basement. We have 2 rooms there and the small of them have been sorted and a lot thrown out. Freeing up space, in the mind as well. Highly recommended.

And now for some gaming stuff. The snowmat from URBANMATZ .This is a 4x4 but they have it in stock now in 3x3. Perfect size for Frostgrave or other skirmish games. I thought that it would do well for some post apocalyptic winter theme too. I really love the material. Flexible, waterproof, easy to storage and it looks great. Not just plain white.

As an added bonus they have decided that all purchases will get a free carrier bag with their mat. Now that is cool! The terrain you see is just randomly set up for you to see the mat with miniatures and terrain on. This will see a lot of use in my games. Could easily have Mr. Freeze or the Penguin going up against Batman on this mat!

I am painting some of the miniatures from WASTEMAN, but more to come on that as I get them done. I also looked at the terrain from IMOUDENT MORTAL. Really need to get that together as it is quite awesome. But for now...I will have a cup of tea.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Well done to Chris! It's good to have a sort out makes you feel better when things are a bit less cluttered. Mat looks great certainly going to have to invest in one of sorts this year

  2. Congrats to Chris, always nice to a spring clean........in winter!

  3. That snow mat looks really cool (pun intended!).

  4. Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations to Chris!

  5. Looks great! Mat looks real and scenery matches up really well. I really hate that I got rid of my Mordheim scenery.

  6. I just got one of these snow mats myself; service was excellent and the item arrived much sooner than I expected. I'm looking forward to games that use it :-) .

    As an aside, I think that UrbanMatz's offer of a free carrier bag was only for orders placed during December, so it might not apply any more.