fredag den 1. januar 2016

New year resolution:

I welcome the new year ! And my grand new years resolution will be: More gaming, more painting, mead, more terrain building and more fun. Actually just business as usual then. Should be doable.
2015 brought me a lot in gaming. 2016 will bring me more of the gaming goodness. And I have a small idea how to start of really good. A small competition. I am a LOOTER. LOOTCRATE is a box I recieve every month with geeky stuff. But I do not use all of it. So I am thinking of doing a small mystery box of it and giving it away.
How do you enter? Untill Tuesday the 5th of January, all who have written a reply to this blogpost will be entered´and I will randomly draw a winner. Though there is a small catch to this.. EVERYBODY that writes a reply to this post also pledges to do a bit good here in the new year. Not a draw like this, but just help out a little here and there where you can. Hold a door for someone, smile a bit more...Let us make 2016 a fantastic year!
As I reveal the winner I have a review of URBANMATZ snowthemed mat as well. 
Oooooh I have a lot of stuff lining up! Another mat, this time Urbanthemed.
Buildings from IMPUDENT MORTAL 
Miniatures from WASTEMAN 
More terrain and games in FROSTGRAVE.
Miniatures from HASSLEFREE 
Miniatures from  HERESY MINIATURES
This will be a good gaming year. I hope that you all have come peacefully into 2016. And I toast to you and a fantastic year. In mead ofcourse!
This blogpost was written while being mostly sober....

13 kommentarer:

  1. I like the sound of it Johnny, I'll try to be a better person this year!

  2. A superb plan! Happy New Year!!!

  3. Happy New Year dude, i love the idea!

  4. Thats a great idea Johnny! YOu are a good person.

  5. What a grand idea! Have a great 2016 Johnny!

  6. Great plan. I pledge to be better for 2016. Happy New Year.

  7. Johnny, I'm all for helping others, so I think this is a fantastic idea of yours. My first good deed of the year is if I win your prize draw I'd like it to go to another participant. Just call me Mr. Charitable! :-)

  8. Great idea and I'm a god chap anyway, so the second part won't be a problem :-)
    Here's to a great 2016! Cheers!

  9. I think an excellent plan, and I will get thinking on how to do something worthy....

  10. New Year resolutions are dangerous things; they can trap you into guilt! Having said that, congratulations on the idea. I'm interested to see how far this can spread.