onsdag den 23. december 2015

So this is it....

I have been busy at work. That time of the year.... And now finally Yule has arrived. And I have mead. What I do not have is a proper update for you guys. But rest assured that I will be back with a mighty fury in the new year!

URBANMATZ reviews.
 FROSTGRAVE terrain and campaign. 
ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH miniatures and games.
WASTEMAN miniatures and games.

I am looking forward to spending some days with family, good food and relaxing a bit. Recharging a bit of the battery. Looking back on the year is has been really great.

A trip to Berlin to meet up with Christian and fight him in ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH. 2 weddings one of which I was the best man. Many games in Frostgrave. Zombiecide. Made some bargains too and have set up a Facebook page to sell surplus of it. Look for Dungeonloot.

Pretty sure 2016 will present a lot of good things too. 

I am talking to a blogger friend in USA and we are motivating each other to do a bit of exercise. It might not sound as much but each step is a step in the right direction and will help not only on the physical aspect. 2016 will see much more of that, small victories all the way brother!

 Take care out there. Take care of each other. And always double tap!


9 kommentarer:

  1. Have a good Christmas and a Happy new Year to those you love and cherish, here's to 2016!

  2. Have a good Christmas my friend. I hope you? Lone and the furbabies have an awesome time.

    Sounds like you have had a great year dude.

  3. Have a lovely time with you and yours, Lord Siwoc, you certainly deserve it!

  4. Have a great Christmas my Lord ;-)

  5. Merry Christmas, Johnny, to you and your family. I wish you well.

  6. Merry Xmas LS, have a good one, re-charge the batteries redy for next year.

  7. I see Nicholas is at it again. First is was Mrs. Nick and now the girl next door. Horrible business!

  8. Have a great Christmas Johnny. All the best to you and the family.