søndag den 29. november 2015

More cheap terrain

Oh! They use weapons now!

The christmas season is a time for us gamers to get hold of cheap terrain material. As I showed you last time, this post is also about some easy and cheap terrain. Both for use in fantasy and post apocalyptic. 

These bags was about £1 each for candle decorations. I saw something else I might get hold of but not sure how to use that for now.

 And the ever useull coffee stirrers. They are fantastic and free! The stirrers got a quick brush of a brown wash. A hot glue gun and about 4 minutes work you end up with this result:

Too lazy today to make some proper shots with terrain but these will give you a feel how they look. And as some may spot, deco broken glass pieces are shown in the box. Useull on the Frostgrave table.

For the astute of you...There are some projects in the background. The delightfully floating thing is from HERESY MINIATURES And you can be sure I will show you more of that model! I also got other models from him and must recommend him! There will soon be another order from me. It is really a treasure chest of miniatures to use in Frostgrave/Mordheim/fantasy whatever! Good castings too!

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  1. Great idea dude. Turned out great for very little effort!

  2. You said it was cheap but you didn't say it was easy too. Great job dude!
    Looking forward to your Heresy figure, I like his sculpts.

  3. There's much to admire here, Johnny.

  4. Love the Occulak in the background and the skin on the wizard