søndag den 22. november 2015

A bit of terrain and bears....Sort of...

First of, we in Denmark got the first taste of snow for this season. Which made the trains late. 1 hour journey turned into 2 1/2. Sigh... "Oh look! What a surprise. Something white falls from heaven!" Noone could have predicted what could happen. This have not been encountered before! (End of rant)

 Now to the terrain ! Needed more scatter terrain for Frostgrave, although I am thinking of using it in post apocalypse as well. There will be winter too with more hardships in the cold! This is some christmas decoration stuff, sprayed white already.

                                                     I think it was about £2 for this bag

A hot gluegun and about 15 minutes later you have some good and cheap terrain.  The chaos champion is Aekold Hellbrass, got him in a mixed lot. He might be used as a wizard or sold on. The plastic cold ones are from the same lot and they have been chosen to be used as bears in my random encounters. Now you might be thinking... That does not look like bears.... Firstly...You are in a city FULL OF MAGIC. Things might get mutated a bit. Second of all....I will close this blogpost with a picture that should make it quite clear that the cold ones will easily be used as bears. Take care out there in the cold real world.

 Happy dreams ;-)

12 kommentarer:

  1. Great idea and perfect for frostgrave!

  2. I totally agree with Simon. Quite inspired, Johnny.

  3. That's a damn good idea Johnny!

  4. Great ideas, Johnny. I'll have to visit our craft store....

  5. Nice idea. This could also be used for magical tumbleweed, I think. I can just see some poor treasure seeker being chased and engulfed by what they thought was a harmless bush...

    1. That scened just played out in my head..And made me laugh!

  6. We've had a sprinkling of snow too, so I empathise with you, but it should get you in the mood for even more Frostgrave goodness.
    The bear reminds me of a wasteland creature from Fallout III - very scary.

  7. If that is a bear shaved, I am scared. Looks like something in a horror film.

    Very good idea for scatter terrain I will have to check the local shops now!

  8. Nice terrain pieces Johnny! Great idea dude! What really scares me is who the f@&k shaved a bear, total badassery!

  9. I love that bear photo. Wonder how long it took to get all that fur off?

    Good idea on the terrain pieces, they work out just fine.

  10. Thank you for comments. Please go to your hobbystores / craftsstores or actually just to the grocery and see what christmas decoration stuf they have. Now that you know what some of it can be used for you WILL be able to see the potential!