torsdag den 10. december 2015

On steady ground

Come walk with me...To a land closer than you think. Untold riches and fame awaits you! But watch your back! Or you will simply be forgotten, just another skeleton somewhere...If you are lucky!

I just got 3 mats from the new company URBANMATZ 
A cobblestone in 3x3. A snow in 4x4 and an urban theme in 4x6. All came in a nice carrier bag. Communication with the company has been great. My order was delayed by GLS due to GLS actually making a mistake. Oh well, they arrived in one piece.

 Cobblestone. Works fantastic with Mordheim, Frostgrave or could easily be a piece of Gotham city. The buildings are just the old cardboard ones from Mordheim and some dried lichen for a bit of cover. That is it, ready to go. Well for these pictures I did not do a proper set up but just wanted to show how it looked. And I am impressed. 

The fabric is waterproof. Has a bit of elastic to it which in my opinion is great as it will prolong the life of the mat. Sturdy on the table as it reminds me of the mousemat material. When throwing dice it softens the clatter sound immensely. Really easy to storage between games. 

I tried to be a bit rough with it, mashing it together in a ball, bending it to see if it would crack or make lines. Nothing...It just folded back out. I think this is mainly to do with the elastic in it.  And I did a PUG test on it as well. I will explain this test in a later blogpost concerning the urban layout.

 Details are really great. And even with just this cardboard terrain the board suddenly gets a whole new feel! And with painted miniatures and great terrain it will become EPIC BATTLES!

 That is water beads around the miniature. And to show the other side of the mat as well. I must say that I am a fan. Just wait untill I show the other mats as well packed up with terrain. This has made it soooo much easier to make a game look great. And still it does not take up a lot of room when storaged. Roll it up, put it in the bag. Have a cup of tea.

Prices are quite acceptable too. This mat was 35 euro. About £26. 
Go check them out at URBANMATZ 

Next I will do a Frostgrave themed set up with the snow terrain mat using all the christmas decoration stuff that was converted into use as terrain. 

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  1. I'm looking at this company and their products with great interest. Indeed, I've put their URL in my Christmas wish list for my ever-loving wife to see :-) .

    Looking forward to seeing the snow mat all set up!

    1. I will have the snowmat up next mate. With a bit of luck some Frostgrave cultists too!

  2. Svar
    1. It really is! Really happy to have these!

  3. Those are 28mm miniatures on it?

  4. Yup! Standard plastic from GW. Skaven and kitbashed from Empire, militia, flagellant...

  5. Very good. I shall have to investigate further.

  6. The cobbled streets are great and the building meld into them really well.

  7. You are really crazy for those mats, man. I decided not to have one, and make my own, but i can't get the materials for it, so that project is still dormant. But please come by with one of your mats, so I can see my terrain presented on a great looking surface, for battle in Frostgrave. Lord Siwoc you have been challenged!