søndag den 13. september 2015

Look out! ZOMBIES!

Not got around to painting much...But got hold of some more zombies in a great trade! And went on a small vacation here in Denmark with my family too. Here is my latest loot.

Some of it is still in the bags and have not been used at all! Absolutely brilliant! These are smaller than 28mm which I normally play. But then again this is a stand alone game from that. Still not sure if I want to splash some paint on these....

With the family we went to see some bunkers rom WWII, quite cool ! But daaaaum it was windy!!

The big bunker was never finished...Thankfully! The gun it was supposed to be outfitted with had a range of 55 km ! BOOM BABY! The small ones was tyrned into a bit of art...Well horsies anyway.. The grafitti is from inside one of those.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Before I bought Zombicide our group played that game nearly every week. It's great fun and really competitive, becomes quite ruthless and cut-throat towards the end as everybody tries to stop each other winning.
    Cool bunkers too dude!

  2. Damn nice haul Johnny, love the bunkers too!

  3. I've played quite a few games of Zombies!!! and Bob is right, it always descended into back-stabbing and infighting. That said, it was still a lot of fun.

  4. Well, there are just a few zombies in those boxes :-) . Painted are always nicer, but I can understand why you might decide not to in this case!

  5. Zombies!!! is fun, once you 'get' it, it can take forever to finish a game though, due to the resaons others have highlighted, defintely worth trying in a more cooperative manner at some point!