mandag den 21. september 2015

Metal concert in Frostgrave!

Blogtitle is a bit misleading... But it got you reading more. I was introduced to Frostgrave and must say I like it a lot. Here a small review from me of FROSTGRAVE.

A city frozen due to a major spell going reeeaally wrong. It is full of magical artefacts as well as loot and treasure. Wizards are lured to it and try to wrest its secrets from the cold hands of death.

You take a wizard, choose which school he comes from. (I choose Necromancy, no big surprise eh?). He comes with a purse of 500 coins with which you can hire your warband. An aprentice cost 200. A lot yes, but really worth it. And henchmen are in a variety from wardogs at 10 and templar at 100. A starting warband is about 7 models. Some more some less.

You take your spells, some from your own school of magic and some from others. It is harder to cast from other schools. Your aprentice will know the same spells but is not as good at casting. Should you fail a casting you can boost it by sacrificing your blood! (wounds) or just let it fail and take some auto wounds. Dabbling in magic has its price.

The only one earning experience is your wizard. As he levels up the aprentice will get better too. The henchmen...Are cannonfodder! It is all about getting hold of the treasure and blasting the other wizards straight out of their boots! And it is damn fun!

It is d20 based. Roll high is good for you. It is possible to make one shot, one kill. Does not really bother me, I have not tried it myself yet. I like the random factor in the d20 and the fact that you adhere to 1 type of dice and that is it! So be it that you may oneshot kill somebody. They still have to roll on an injury chart and THAT may kill him of. Meh....Get another henchman... It is still fun.

And I got talked into joining a campaign starting the 1st of October. So I went scrounging in my old miniatures. Mordheim is perfect for it. Now what you see here is more than my warband. But it is so I can have some to choose from.

And I have plans for some more. That is also one of the appealing things inj Frostgrave, play with the miniatures you have. There will be more from Frostgrave as I progress.

I was to a concert by SIX STRING SLAUGHTER with 2 support bands. I know the singer from old days. And met up with some of the old metalheads too. Plus...Met some new that I hope to meet and talk to again. 

Here a taster of Six String Slaughter. A favorite of mine. And with that I bid you farewell. Miniatures from Frostgrave are calling for me to paint them.

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  1. Sounds like good fun mate. I may have a chat with some of my buddies I probably have enough Fantasy figs for a warband :)

  2. It's not for me as I have too many other projects on the go but it does look interesting and as long as you like it and are having fun that's the most important thing.

  3. Frostgrave does sound good mate, they've some good miniatures..

  4. Looking good Johnny. Looking at getting into Frostgrave myself using old Confrontation models and mordheim card terrain.

  5. Love the metal Johnny! Frostgrave does sound find but fantasy is not my thing. I'm a sci-fi and horror man myself. Nice mini's.

  6. Frostgrave certainly is 'flavour of the month' at the moment and given its commercial backing will probably last quite a while - good luck with this, it does look fun.

  7. I picked up the Frostgrave rules as they were such good value and it does indeed seem like a pretty sound system. Definitely on the cards for a game at some point soon. Oh yeah and METAL! Awesome! :)

  8. Ah, Frostgrave surely is popular at the moment! Let us know how your first few games go, please :-) . I'm curious as to whether it's worth buying, when I have so many other things going on already.

  9. Not really into this new Frostgrave thingy, but you gotta admire the craftmanship of the figures.