mandag den 31. august 2015

Moving the undead

He was the man behind the first Nightmare on Elmstreet. Where Freddy had two of those gloves. My all time favorite horror character. Rest easy....

Now to some better news. I got my movement trays from Wargamemodelmods and they are great. I choose to upgrade the corpsecart to be placed on a legion base. Now...As you may see...I need to put more zombies on.
 I like that they come with a "lip" to the movement tray. Below is some of the other sizes I bought as well as the bases you apparently also get with the order!

 All these base are belong to me! Now to get work done on them....

Simon Quinton  Brummie`s blogwho won my little goodybag is still on vacation but I got hold of him. And found out he got married! No wonder he ducked under the radar! Big congratulations to the both of them and all the best for their future! 

And guess who is back on the web? One of my favorite irishmen The Angry lurker welcome back Fran! I thought it had gotten a bit quiet around here....

To end this little blog....Miniatures for sale. Yup...I am cleaning out a bit and the best way to keep it a bit organized was making a Facebook page for it. Dungeonloot . Go have a look, there will be more uploaded as I dig it out.

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