lørdag den 1. august 2015

Terrain kickstarter...With lights!


Click the link below the image to get to the kickstarter. This is really coooool! I can see so much potential in this. And yes...I have pledged. I have the ruins set amongst others from Wargame model mods and I really like them. Fits well together and looks cool. Now with added lights. Oh yes please!! 

There will be a review later with one of the buildings but time ran out of me so can not show it now. 

I am about to take a small trip to Berlin and fight a game (or two) of ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH with Christian. Oh...And I get to see a bit of the town as well ;-) Really looking forward to it. Better finish packing!

Now go check that kickstarter out!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. It looks good. I would like simple but playable interiors for my sort of gaming but for games like 40K etc I can see these being a great feature especially the derricks. I quite like the Tech Outpost as an underhive bar.

  2. Nice from you to point it out. A shame I don't play with "heroic" 28mm scale in "a dark and grim universe". I'll be a perfect fit otherwise !