søndag den 26. juli 2015

Back from the dead

Crazy busy with things. Yesterday we had a stagparty for a fantastic mate of mine. There was whiskey...Heavy metal...Good food and excellent company. Though I myself must admit I am not the partygoer I used to be. Getting my corpse out of bed today took the works of a necromancer!

And now that I am talking about raising the dead.... My first fantasy army was the undead. Though it has been put away, some has been sold, it has never reeeeally gone away. And you already know of my love for zombies. Now then, with the new Kings of war ruleset from Mantic coming out I thought it was time to have a dig around and raise an army again. Much is from Mantic games itself as lots of my GW was sold.

 Several vampires, mounted wights and a zombiedragon will soon be raised from their slumber. Oh and some conversion to a corpsecart in order for me to incorporate it into a zombie regiment. Now I look at this...I seem to have forgotten to put the zombies up. 

The shrine you see will most likely end up with some Revenants. And where in the name of Arkhan the black did I do of my ghouls?? Well parts of my army are obviously still hidden or buried somewhere....

I am also getting some gangs ready to take with me to Berlin. Gangs from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH .

I will be facing a resident dane by the name of Christian Birk, a known stalker of mine. We will be going to visit him and his lovely girl Maj. And the gauntlet has been thrown ! Bragging rights! And mead! I hope to make a bit of a battle report of it and put up here.

Just a small update on what I am up to. Take care out there in the real world. And watch this space for a product review soon! 

4 kommentarer:

  1. Good luck in painting that new army. :)

    And in the upcoming battle! :)

    1. Cheers mate! Progres will be shown here

  2. Looks ace! Good luck what the Christian guy I hear strange things about him. Loaded dice and such!!!

    1. Cheers Simon!