søndag den 9. august 2015

Berlin and battle

Me on the left and Christian on the right, just before our battle in Berlin goes down! ACROSS THE DEAD erath with me playing THE STATE and Christian playing The ADDAMS FAMILY.  I left Yoshi of the team in order to not have so many points. But before that...I did not just come to do battle.

We went to Berlin for vacation, to see art in museums as well as streetart. Ofcourse Checkpoint Charlie and some of the leftovers from the cold war too. Christian was really cool to let us stay at his place. A cool apartment when it wa up to 40 degrees celcius in Berlin!!!

 Batman ! Streetart in its finest!
 Admiralsbrucke was a meeting place for everybody with a beer. 
Cool place and nice atmosphere.
 As a representative of THE STATE I was out to take field notes in Berlin as well.

The stay in Berlin was great, again a big thank you to Christian for being a great host/guide and allround cool guy! You made us feel welcome and helped out a lot! And showing us where to get good food! Great burger on the first evening!

Now....A bit of a backstory before the fight. Christian and I had a small competition between us. Trying to paint some miniatures and not buying as much. As it was I really was the loser. I blame it on the SHINY MODEL SYNDROME. However...With the help of Rich from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH I send him a gift. To arrive before I arrived in Berlin for our fight, this is the picture he posted as he got the parcel.
 Now pictures from the fight. It was really fun and ofcourse we had mead! My own brew that I brought along for Christian. (Wonder if he has drunk it all now?)

 The battlefield with beer and rules at the ready ofcourse!
 And the chilled mead!

I took out Reggie with a snipershot, and promtly got taken out by his sniper!!
 NO!  You do not drop a rock on Jester!
 As Jester finished of Ezra, this was the reaction I got from Christian!
So happy for Squint, he got Siwoc up again! Though as the game was over, Siwoc was lying down again!!  In this picture Skylar tosses her grenade at Squint hoping to catch them both in the blast. What actually happened...She dropped it! The blast resulted in all 3 getting caught and...Nothing happened!!!
I ended up winning the game but it was really fun throughout. Big thanks to Christian for being a good gamer. The STATE is in control of Berlin! Well...Kreuzburg. Erm...Well...On paper...Erm okay... We left our mark!!!
And with that  this blogpost comes to an end. 
The stay in Berlin was great, again thank you to Christian. 
And by the way...Watch out for the zombies! 
I took this picture at Kotbusser Tor station!! A zombie chasing some innocent girls!!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like you all had an awesome time! Good to see some folks meeting up and having a fun!

    1. It was great! And I would love to come back to Berlin again. So much still to see, and more battles to fight!

  2. Looked like a great trip Johnny.

  3. Berlin isn't somewhere I've ever thought of visiting, so it's interesting to hear about other people's experiences. Some nice street art there (and some that's not so good :-( ).

    It must have been a dud grenade, I think. Either that or it she forgot to pull the pin...