søndag den 12. juli 2015

Henchman/evil overlord.

I am a LOOTER. Lootcrate sends me geekystuff once a month. One of those parcels was with the theme of COVERT. By following a link on the box itself you were put through some questions and leads from what you got in the box. I made it and recieved this.

 Am I evil? To some, oh yes! But I tend to make up for it by being a good guy too. But as an evil mastermind I needed some minions to boss around...

 And I am in the process of painting them at the moment. There are more in the pipeline for this set, one with a rocket launcher!!! Oh I need more!!!

I will not jump on the bandwagon and slander Games Workshop for what they have chosen to do with the fantasy line. I have played loads of fantasy games mainly with undead forces but also Empire and Bretonia. I have however not played a single game in the last 2 editions of the rules. So that really means I have no right in being mad by what they do. And I am open for trying the new rules just for a bit of fun. And then most likely going back to playing WARLORD by REAPER MINIATURES or KINGS OF WAR by MANTIC GAMES. 

If gamers think it is over with Fantasy, please think a minute or two and get some common sense. Do not go of burning your miniatures. (You daft twat). Just stick to playing the edition you like. Or use them in other types of games. Or sell them so you can back this fantastic game:

Really.... This is a fun game to play. Go check them out at kickstarter link
Stags and warbears. What is not to like? Sure...You do not have other races like orcs and undead, but really...You get plenty of that from Kings of war. This is with an easy set of rules and as mentioned before but never enough...It is fun!

I got hold of the free miniatures with the current white dwarf. And did this:

 Now I can have true scale chaos marines. Works really nice. Not sure if I want to make more than just a kill team though. 

Times have been a bit stressed for me, thus the lack of updates. Sorry about that. I was best man for my best friend and it took a lot to get that right. Making sure their day was great. 

 A lovely day/evening/night. Really fantastic. I wish them both all the best for the future!!

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  1. C'mon, Johnny, spill the beans - who makes those delightful Minions figures? Inquiring minds need to know!

  2. Those minions look terrific as does the Chaos Spacelord... and he's clearly quite a size too. Also looking forward to "Shattered Crown" but I may be tempted by all this "GW" Sigmar nonsense too. Never played Warhammer properly but am interested in a small skirmish game.

  3. http://thedicebaglady.net/red-star-coven-stunty-henchmen/

    This is where I got my minions from. And please go have a look at shattered crown!!!

  4. Awesome post dude. Congrats to your friend on there wedding. Your a great guy your deserve best man status :)

  5. Hmm, I think it takes more than a certificate and a few minions to make one evil, you know?

    Unused fantasy figures? Play Hordes of the Things!

    Don't apologise for taking time to look after your friend's wedding. If you hadn't spent that effort *then* I might consider you to be evil :-) !