mandag den 29. juni 2015

The warehouse district. Part 1

Impudent Mortal ran a Kickstarter to get his new line WAREHOUSE DISTRICT up and going. Well as you have seen in a previous post I pledged to get a full table. Now all I needed was to build it, paint it and game with it. 

Falcon warehousing and storage. A building which is quite big was the first I started on. As I organized the bits I was a bit overwhelmed. This is just part of what you get. Acrylic windows in the top is a cool addition to this piece of terrain.

Instructions can be found on Impudent Mortal webpage. And they were quite easy to follow. Though at one time I had a piece where I had no freaking idea where to put it. I will explain later...

Next time....I will use our dinner table. Needed a bit more space. It fits really wel together and there is not much cutting to do. And....NO! I did not glue myself to the building!

TADAAAAAAAAAA! Miniatures for scale from Across the dead earth. Wait ...hold on....Is that a break in? 

I have later stuck a little piece of mdf in to look like it is holding it up.
Details are really great. Now I will be using it both in Batmangames and post apoc games. So there will be a bit of weathering and neglect but not overly overgrown. This is also due to the fact that I can store it like the next picture.

I have started painting it but it will be a longer process. There are also the windows missing and the railings. I want to paint it before these are attached. And by the way...See that piece beside the miniature? That was the one that got me puzzled...

That little piece that got me puzzled...I had to write to Walt who is the mastermind behind Impudent Mortal. And after he pulled my leg he revealed its secret to me. Now I feel a bit stupid. What an absolutely great idea!!! Look for yourself!

There will be loads more to come from this project. The birth of a new citytable. So stay ready as I progress and build more from this! (And paint it)

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  1. That's a great piece of scenery, Johnny. I look forward to seeing the rest when you get them made.

  2. Wow dude! That is a seriously nice bit of kit. Some great details too. Your table should look amazing with all that lot on it Johnny.

  3. Fabulous bit of kit mate it looks the dogs bollocks! It will fit well with any setting. If you get some bits that you could clip on or off you can make it post apoc looking as well.

  4. That is a cool kit! I am curious to see how it gets finished. It should be useful for many scenarios.

  5. That looks pretty amazing! I'm very impressed.

  6. Cracking looking building mate.