mandag den 15. juni 2015

Birthday, terrain and good deals!

14th of June was my birthday and I got bacon and presents. One of the presents I knew since I pledged for it myself on Kickstarter. Impudent Mortal . Terrain, terrain and a bit more terrain. Lone gave me a good chunk of this! And it finally arrived!

Now to find time to glue it together and get it painted. You can bet there will be updates ! I have started small by assembling some crates, a nice feature is that there is stensils for use on the them. Fragile, radioactive and such. I took the whole warehouse district (not all the add ons) so it is actually a full table once I get it assembled. And it is looking reeeaaally cool. Here is the link to the kickstarter.

This week have seen me making some good deals in the hobby. And actually helping 2 mates from my gaming club to get some miniatures for a great price. And loads of stuff I need to sell on. Grey Knihgts in power armour and terminator armour. Limited edition bounty hunter for Necromunda. Limited Inquisitor (Gideon Lorr) for WH 40k. Spyrer gang for Necromunda. Possesed warband for Mordheim, 5 Seraphim, Eldar avatar......

Now I need to make some more terrain. And get stuff ready for the club tomorrow (Tuesday). They call for ZOMBIECIDE, so let`s go hunting!!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Happy Birthday my friend enjoy building up all that terrain. Be sure to get lots of spray paints to help easy the workload.

  2. Happy birthday, you look very regal there.

  3. Mmmmmmmmm, bacon and presents. What better way to celebrate your birthday? All the best, my friend.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a fantastic load of terrain. Bacon is always a bonus dude!

  5. That's quite some birthday haul you got there Johnny!