torsdag den 14. maj 2015


There are different kinds of zombies. Going from fast zombies, smart zombies and shambling zombies. Oh and radioactive ones as well... Which kind do you fear? "Oh I do not fear any of them! I know enough to battle them all!" I am sure you are correct. But that did not really answer my question...

For me it would be the Romero kind of zombies. Slow, shambling and unstoppable. Sure you can whack a couple if they get close, shoot them from afar... But there are more...And the slow unrelentless mass of undead hungering for your flesh will find you eventually. I think it is the prospect of having to fight the futility of them that scares me.

I was part of a weekend of HUMANS VERSUS ZOMBIES. Nerfguns. In this the zombies were fast, sneaky and many! My team (8 people) survived. But daaaamn the adrenaline was on constant alert to get pumped into my system! Good teamwork, a clear head and whiskey carried those days for us. At one time we were down to about 40 survivors and about to face 200+zombies. Thankfully our zombies were not really organized or we would surely have been joining them.

In my games I like to have all of them actually. Scary prospects in facing any of them. Like in the game of zombiecide. Walkers, fast zombies, fatty and the  big abomination. Worst case is when they are moving in a big group and you are fresh out of molotow cocktails..

Just a small rant from me here....Weather has been pretty decent so the garden has taken some of my time. Mead is still brewing. Gaming projects are not being ended....Sigh...

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  1. I like the slow stupid zombies the best, gives you the best chance to survive.

  2. Nice post, Johnny. I agree that the Romeroesque slow moving zombies are the scariest. They are just so relentless. Zombies that can sprint faster than trained athletes are just silly and unbelievable. It is interesting that you should mention Zombicide with its different types of zombies because in that game they all work well together to provide a truly scary gaming experience.

  3. I love the slow moving unrelentless tide ones far scarier to have about. Got a game with the girls planned for there next holidays in a couple of weeks I shall do a report :)

  4. You mention "a clear head" and "whiskey" in the same sentence. I don't understand! I must be missing something...

    I once read that there were basically 2 types of monster in horror stories: the slow, unstoppable force in plain view (zombies, Frankenstein's creature, the Terminator, Aliens...) and the insidious infiltrator that no-one suspects (vampires, bodysnatchers...). Maybe correct, maybe not :-) .