fredag den 1. maj 2015

Cult uprising!

If the end is near, fuck it! Wear what you like! Like a baws! Er....Well...Damn....

So then.... The endtimes have come. Sure with all the zombies. But an alien precense have now chosen to reveal it self, or rather the cult of those devious powers! No, I am not talking about politicians.... I bought a starter set with some extras from Macrocosm (click the link) Actually it was an easter present from the little missus. 

Recieving the first batch I noticed 2 models that had not travelled well. A barell from a gun was snapped of and a club. I contacted the company and showed the pictures of the models. Must confess I was amazed by the customer service. Not only would he send replacements, he would also add some more as a way to apologize. We had a good talk about packaging in the future and the next one arriving looked like this:

MUCH better. Bubblewrap and taped to the box. Everything in good order now. And now I know you want to see the models... Well from the first batch there are some models missing as I divided them up prior to painting. But here they are:

Good sculpts and not much cleanup to do. He has free rules for his game on the shop Link to rules which I have yet to try out. And the plan is to expand the range with more races. A DIGGER CORPS is the second to join in. On preorder now on the starter set which will include an extra miniature. Quite cool models too. 

 Really love this suit! I can see him waddle along while grunting curses!

Some of their allies, brutish and just want to curvestomp you! These are on my WANT list too.

Now the guys I painted up here, THE MALIGNANCY , I plan to use as KILL TEAM, ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH and NECROMUNDA. Really like the look of them and will be looking for the upgrades for them too. I have a bit of inside knowledge and believe me when I say that I am looking forward to them!

Right now 13 white ghosts are waiting for a bit of paint. More brothers to THE CHURCH OF HE WHOM WE DO NOT SPEAK OF....MUCH!

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  1. Have been watching your progress on facebook they are great looking minis. Top job on those you have finished. I may pick up a few in the future when funds are better perhaps.

  2. That top picture is just wrong for so many reasons! It's just wrong!

  3. Nice to see all's well at Gravesend Segway Tours!! I wonder if you could get a figure like the one in the pic????