mandag den 25. maj 2015

Joe Carr and friends

Why so serious ? This has nothing to do with zombies this time. This is Batman the miniature game. Finally I have finished some of the models for my Joker crew. And got hold of a cool ambulance at a carboot sale.

The clown in the front is my small tribute to a character from a Rob Zombie movie. More to come on that subject. These are really great sculpts! And quite fun to paint. Next up in is these two clowns. The girl is actually not a clown but will be painted as a tribute to THE LORDS OF SALEM. Yet another Rob Zombie movie. The clown on the right started out with a bat. A mate of mine wanted him to have an axe instead but dropped the idea. I then gave him what will become a big candycane!

I have 4 other clowns waiting, a tiatnclown and Harley Quinn in my box. Slow and steady progress.

Oh! And I watched Mad Max FURY ROAD yesterday! My holy batshit is was action packed! Loved it! And need to see it again to get it all! Great movie with high octan! Recommended highly from me. Now to get back to painting...

11 kommentarer:

  1. Painting clowns then watching Mad Max: Fury Road - sounds like my idea of fun, Johnny!

  2. That ambulance will fit right in with the clowns, won't it :-) ? I do like the idea of an oversized candy cane being used as a weapon!

    1. Progress in the painting of it has been good. Might pop it up in the next blogpost.

  3. Great stuff my friend and as I'm about to get into the Batman Miniatures game myself I've got yet another reason to keep following your terrific blog :-)

  4. Great clowns dude! Nice vehicle too.

  5. Off to a nice start Lord Siwoc; good stuff. :)

  6. Great start to the gang mate! Liking the candy cane idea it will be brill!