mandag den 1. juni 2015

More clowns, more bases and more cufflinks!

More work on my Joker crew. Mr. Candycane, Ms. Salem and introducing Harley Quinn. Really fun to paint these and made them pretty fast actually. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will have a small battle with them. Well..At 200 points I can not field them all. But lets see how that goes....

I needed some special bases for my Confrontation miniatures but had no interrest in buying new ones. So I got the greenstuff out and found a base I had lying around to use. This is not a copy of that base as mine will be the other way around. A bit of greenstuff on the base, flattened it, pressed it against the base and hey presto. Let it dry a bit and cut excess greenstuff of.

Now to let them dry fully and pin the models to them. All my base are belong to me!

Since me and Lone has been a pair for 10 years now I gave her a pair of earrings, a new canvas and a haircut. And she got me these badass cufflinks! Love them!

Yeah I love me some cufflinks, have about 40 different ones now. Looking forward to the next 10 years together!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Incredibly colourful Joker gang there - good stuff, and looks great. I love the candy cane! :)

    And some very cool cuff-links too. :)

  2. Aww Congratulations guys. Love the candy clown he rocks! I also think HQ's paint scheme is awesome top job dude.

    Ace sets of cuff links. I really like the clockwork ones :)

  3. Love the Harlyquin figures and those cufflinks are pretty cool too!

  4. Your clown figures are ace, Johnny. And your cuff links are just spiffing!

  5. One thing about clown figures: at least you get to use some bright colours :-) .

    Congratulations on 10 years. Do you wear all the cuff-links or just collect them?

  6. Great gang dude! Some super cool cufflinks too.