søndag den 9. november 2014

Post apoc terrain buildings

Now then..... In my last Battle report with my friend Rasmus we talked about boarding up some windows on my buildings to disrupt line of sight. Time for me to use those coffee stirrers! As I prepared to work on this I began thinking... Take a look at the picture here at the top of my blogpost. That could be cool...So I did just that!

This works quite good and they are sturdy as well. Unless someone bumps into the table, earthquakes could happen you know.... The tiles I used in my battle report and here are from the game of Zombiecide.

And the progress on boarding some of the windows up. Works quite well.... Need sooooo much more works on these buildings...Sigh....

As for my small competition, these are the companies on my messy paintstation:
Across the dead earth

Games Workshop
Mantic games
Ramshackle Games
Privateer press
Reaper games
Hasslefree miniatures
Guillotine games
Project Zeke
Gregsters lab.

Congrats to Simon from Brummies blog . There will be a SURPRISE parcel from one of the above mentioned companies!

Take care out there!

8 kommentarer:

  1. It's a simple idea but it works very well. Nice one, Johnny!

  2. Looks very good indeed, and as Vampifan says, a simple idea but one that definitely works :-)

  3. Both ideas are cool for improving the playability and look of your buildings dude!

  4. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO_PL3V1c4Y

    Looks great mate :)

    Now to join the terrain competion on FB ;)

    Grats to Simon as well, hope it's some nice loot you get.

  6. Looks great Johnny an idea I shall be borrowing!

    Awesome! I won! I shall look forward to it!

  7. Interesting additions to your terrain.

  8. Great addition Johnny! Boarding up some windows will not only affect the LOS, those buildings will look much better! Catwalks are a great idea as well, different height level is what most of my games lack, too.