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Battle report-ADE

I reported back to Jester, there was good stuff to be "aquired". Not  far from basecamp and no sign of looters or marauders....So far. Skelch stayed in camp and we moved out .Jester,Squint,Yoshi and yours truly...Siwoc. Grab and run, easy mission!

The battleground. 6 objectives with various point values. This was a demo game with my friend Rasmus who would bring the Addams Family against my State. We talked about the rules and what the miniatures had as abilities and rolld to set up. Me in bottom right corner and him in upper left.

I went a bit scouting and found out the socalled "Family" was after the loot as well. Reporting back Jester decided to give them a fair warning to leave or else....

I went for what we had come here for, the loot. Rest of the guys moved up and we saw that the Family moved up to grab loot as well. Yoshi aimed through a building and found Skylar in his crosshair. With an order from Jester he took the shot and she went down. That got the message through.

A lucky shot! But it counted! Rasmus had the initiative for 2 turns when I finally managed to roll high on the dice. Only for Rasmus to do this:
I had a bad feeling that Rasmus had taking a liking to the use of those cards, as throughout the game he checked them often. With every move I did he would check the 3 cards in front of him!

 Reggie was fast up a building to claime some loot as I went back with our first. Skylar was bleeding bad so would not be moving for a while. Drexyl was hiding but Jester had his number and he went down! Jester babbled some nonsense that yoshi just shook his head at and remained where he was. The leader of the family had gone into the central building where I knew there was some loot too! Bold move!

Reggie came down from the building and took a shot, and I heard the cry from Squint as he went down! He would pay dearly for daring to shoot a member of the State! I tried to outflank them while Yoshi dragged a loot away.

Adam came down with his loot, in the open! And Jester had him right where he wanted. When he was about to fire he was distracted by a sound from the roof and missd his shot as he narrowly avoided some fallen masonry!

Rasmus played 2 cards, first to make sure I missed the shot on his leader and then to try and take mine out!. Well played !!

Skylar was still out, their medic obviously rubbish! Jester moved to join up with me as we tried to take them from the other side. Squint was still moaning but aparently he could not stand up. The moaning from the downed Drexyl had ceased though. He would take no further part in this skirmish.

Drexyl went out and I had up untill now forgotten that Squint could try to heal himself! Which he now did. Good boy! Yoshi came back and there was a firefight!

Reggie came back to help his leader as we got him pinned down. I thought I had him and was about to fire both guns as he dissapeared! How he did that I will never know!

The cards were not lying idle....We used most of the cards through the game! Brilliant! Quickdraw was cancelled with a card. Tripwire made another stumble right out in the open!

Jester ran up to take down Addams in close combat. And as Reggie moved up to support him Squint repaided the favour from earlier and shot Reggie!

We called the game after Jester took out both of them as they lay there bleeding. Is was a really great game and we both had a laugh at both the dice rolls but at the cards being played. And I got Rasmus hooked on the game!

Rasmus got to pick 2 ADE miniatures I had as doubles and I will be painting them for him. Ezra and Adam.

The 2 on the left was what Rasmus got and I got the rest. The game could have gone either way up untill the last 2 turns. Very enjoyable game on both sides. Only thing we did not use was grenades and  WAW. (Overwatch) Mostly because we forgot it....

Some tacticals errors were made on both sides so it evened it out. Next time we might use Red claw VS Family. Interresting how that will play out! One thing is for sure...Rasmus love the use of those cards!

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  1. Great stuff Johnny! Great to see the cards being used so well, it really adds flavour to the game - and great that Rasmus enjoyed too!

  2. Very enjoyable indeed! Not to mention all the eye candy! Great board - 2x2?

  3. Great report mate. Your board has turned out awesome! And we have a new convert!

  4. Good aar, love the game set-up

  5. Great batrep dude!
    Fantastic idea to use Zombicide tiles as the ground.

  6. Nice write up! Can't wait to get my figures painted!

  7. Great report and a beautiful board.

  8. Great report, bud. I'm definitely going to have to cannibalise my Zombicide tiles now.

  9. I do love your board, Johnny.