søndag den 16. november 2014

More miniatures and LOOTCRATE

Ninja...Or pirate? I know where I stand on this question! This t-shirt and headband are from this months LOOTCRATE. The theme of it being BATTLE. I do love the geek stuff they put in. If you want to try it out then please use this link here: LOOTCRATE as it will help me out a bit too.
Here is more stuff from this months loot.

MEGA MINIATURES had a Kickstarter runnning to make some new molds. And I just recieved the goodies. Actually alot of miniatures! All will not be usefull in my post apocalyptic games but that is just fine by me. 

 Some small robots here with Ezra from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH to show the scale. There were some bigger robots too but they needed assembly, so no pictures of them now.

 Future police officers? They are armoured and have hightech guns.

 Not too sure on these, but I think they will see some uses in post apoc somehow. Nuclear Rennaiccance or Biosyndrome.

This bunch is easily do able for gang members in Across the dead earth! And last night in a fit of inspiration I started painting.

Painting still in progress. This is a mjor one of those BUTTERFLY SYNDROME I talked about last post. And these will get what I call speedpaint done to them. Those 2 ADE miniatures I am painting for my buddy Rasmus gets more attention then these will get.

Christian from Berlin ordered the rulebook from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH. I had a talk with Rich so I could send a model with the book. It ofcourse needed to be SIWOC! Surprises like this is the best ! ;-)

And Simon from Brummieswargaming got the parcel too. Please click the link to see what and why!

These should bump my karma up a bit.....Which I sorely need at the moment. I do not wish to go into detail on my blog here but in short, if everything falls together then I will be out of a job this January. Now I am pretty sure that it will not take long for me to get hold of a new job as I know a lot of people in this industry I work in. And we are in the process of making things happen like we want them to.

Right now......I am going to paint more on these guys..... Take care out there!

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  1. Yay Thanks for the awesome Siwoc mini, better get to packing your present, maybe there are some small things for Lone And the killer pugs as well ;) Who Knows?

  2. Some lovely minis and loot there Johnny!

  3. A nice lot of loot; I can see all kinds of possibilities for those miniatures. Good luck with the karma!

  4. Nice loot. The minis will all get some use perhaps the hi tech ons will fit in an Inquistors warband. Love the ones you've started as well they will fit in great with most post apoc settings. Thanks again for the parcel buddy! Fingers crossed the karma swings back you way!