søndag den 26. oktober 2014

A failure and competition!

Too many distractions have meant that I can not complete Zombtober. I have not been idle there has just been some "butterflies" passing by. Like the stuff arriving from Across the dead earth and I will be doing a demo game this coming Tuesday. Mini me needs to get some paint! 

And this guy came in the mail, mutant guy from Thunderchild
His hands have been magnetised in order for me to exchange his weapons as I see fit. I am told he will get some friends soon. Like a Mutie brute leader!  I will do a review on a later time.

Now....How about that little contest? In a Facebook group I mentioned some of the projects I was working on and showed a picture of my worktable. I have been tidying the lace up a bit now and took a photo of it. There are more than 10 manufacturers present on this table. The one who gets the most correct will win a surprise from me! As a tiebreaker write what you think is my favorite game to play is right now. Write your answer in the comments section below. Competition ends this Friday the 31st.

Click on the picture for a bigger size, may help a bit. Good luck!

14 kommentarer:

  1. I only recognize a few: Across the Dead Earth, Privateer, GW, and Thunderchild

  2. Curse on you for telling me yesterday what's on that table, I want loot!

    1. And actually one you mentioned yesterday is on the table now !

      Not to worry, I have something for you mate!

  3. I like the look of that brute Johnny.

  4. I'd like to enter, but can only name 1 more than Baconfat....and that's a guess???

  5. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  6. I've spied a few: Games Workshop, Project Zeke Miniatures, Thunderchild, Across the Dead Earth, Privateer Press, Bio Syndrome, Hasslefree, Zombicide (Cool Mini or Not)...Tiger and LEGO? Not sure about those last two ;-)

  7. Shoot the butterflies in the head!

  8. Do I get prize for recognising the painting station :-) ? It's just like mine (though I think that my one is even more cluttered than yours.

  9. Nice looking selection of miniatures you have there. Here we go theres some bits I couldn't make out.

    Project Zeke.
    DeadEarth Games.
    Guillotine Games.
    Hasslefree Miniatures.
    Games Workshop.
    Privateer Press.
    Grenadier (EM4)
    Mantic Deadzone
    Ramshackle Games

  10. Never mind about Zombtober, looks like you've got planty on the go to get a free pass!