søndag den 28. september 2014

Nerd in work, step back please.

I freely admit to being a nerd. For me it just means that I have a passion to delve into.  And these days it is IN to be a nerd. Some people.....Try too hard....

You...As readers of my blog will already know that I have a passion for zombies and wargaming. Where did it all start? Warhammer 40.000? No.... Roleplaying pen and paper like Dungeons and Dragons? No..... Books with "You are the hero". ? No...... Lego? .........YES!

And I still like to use my creativity with LEGO. The latest is this:

Magnets glued to the back. Hands fit PERFECT for holding the chargers. I made one for Lone as well. Ofcourse. Actually that was the first I made.

Never too old for LEGO, never to old to play.

As other Nerds go....Did you know that:

VIN DIESEL has been (still is) Dungeon and dragons player. So is MIKE MYERS.
LEONARDO DICAPRIO collects Star Wars characters.
ROBIN WILLIAMS played Eldar in Warhammer 40.000

Just to mention some of the fellow nerds.....

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  1. I just commented on this...then it made me sign in again and it's not here lol

    Anyway, it was something like... LEGO!! I love LEGO! Those are some awesome cable holders, I might have to make one for myself :D

  2. I'm happy to be a nerd. As for Lego, it really is cool, even though it is now horribly expensive.

  3. I'm a Nerd too, I know?? Its hard to believe, isn't it????

  4. Awesome use for the Lego! That is great that it fits, and a bit surprising! I miss the days of playing with legos, building huge setups and then breaking it all down again to build something else. Really great toys, too bad they are so expensive.

    Nerds rock!

  5. Nicely done I has Pirate and Ninja Lego :)

  6. Never be ashamed of what you are! My younger son and daughter have tons of Lego (well, probably only about 1 ton) and are very enthusiastic about some of the things that adult artists do with it. For example: http://warrenelsmore.com/brick-city/

  7. Oh, the Legos. I'm on the end of the line of the kids in our family (not the youngest!) so we've accumulated a huge amount of those over the years as well. I have very fond memories, but what you did with them is a blasphemy - using glue and magnets! :D

  8. One of our WNI gamers, The Tollman is a big lego fan.
    Are all gamers nerds ?

  9. Are you sure you're a Geek and not a nerd ? (I've never known the difference)
    To add to your celebrity geeks Derek Guyler (a well known (sadly now deceased) British Comedy actor had a model Roman legion represented 1:1 using German "Flats".

  10. Hooray for Nerds! Awesome idea sir!