søndag den 5. oktober 2014


Already broke the first rule...Get zombie(s) painted and show in blog each Sunday. Oh frag it! I do it my way! Grekwood miniatures has some FANCY DRESS zombies. Think of a Halloween party. And the zombie douche keep biting people. Oh...He was NOT dressed up! I bought them last year or something like that. Prepped them, undercoated them and....Hey look! A butterfly! Oooh that is quite cool! Hey what is this? Across the dead earth game testing? Could be cool. And loads of other stuff. So the FANCY DRESS zombies have gotten no love what so ever. Now...Is the time!

And why have there not been any progress on them to show you? Well....Work, fighting Storm Troopers, Heavy metal concert, art exibition and the sea took my time.

Really fun game. Rules tweaked from the roleplaying game. Turns are based on a draw of cards. Still need a bit of work but the main part: It was fun!

That guy close to the middle with a HAVOK t-shirt on...That would be me this last Friday night! 3 metal bands played at the metal bar HIGH VOLTAGE. The guys on stage here are CHAINFIST and the main reason that I was there. Did I mention there was beer? And I had to work Saturday? "I will just have a few..."

This was where we went today (Sunday) Pretty cool trip. I am mostly attracted to the more vibrant colour paintings. We took no pictures inside though. It lies pretty close to the sea so we got down there to enjoy the salty air.

There is something soothing to the sound of crashing waves. Really cool! No zombies but I will finish this blog post with a selfie of me and the little miss.

I still look tired on this picture.....

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  1. Never mind mate. Crazy week myself and only managed to get one finished this evening! Better look for next week you'll have to make sure you get two finished to make up for your tardiness!

  2. ha ha love the idea of a zombie dressed up as a zombie!! Cool pics too the sea looks bloody cold!!

  3. I didn't knowabout the Sunday deadline, I've been prepping for my 1st post on Thursday, whoops! Heavy Metal, Star Wars and significant others are important too!

  4. You've taken Shiny syndrome to a whle new leve, so do I congratulate or berate you ?l

  5. I was about to chastise you but then I saw the Heavy Metal, you are excused.
    Better luck this coming week.

  6. That's a cracking looking Star Wars game, and I'm doing two zombies myself this week to catch-up wiv Zomtober :-)