søndag den 27. juli 2014

What a week.....

Not a zombie....Nor is it JAWS. It is our malepug Gustav trying to cope with the humid and warm weather we are having. As for our female pug Vera, things turned out worse. An infection in the uterus meant surgery ASAP. Well it did explain a lot of things on her behaviour. She is back with us now and quite happy! So are we actually! 

You can see the scar on her tummy, and you can see my lovely girlfriend too!

Friday saw me hauling ass after a thief. I work selling mens wear. He took 4 shirts without paying and ran like hell. Well it was hot as hell anyway and of we went. I cornered him and he gave up without a fight. And only took the police 1 hour to get there.

I could do with a bit of good karma now.....And some has already arrived! I won a little competion (amongst others) over at Vampifan`s blog . Cheers Bryan!

Painted by Bryan himself, these are extremely cool!!

I also made a small order at a company and was sent some extra miniatures to review. More on this later with an extra review from a friend of mine! With all this going on and the heat here in Denmark right now...Progress have been slow with the hobby. My table as it looks right now has Across the dead earth miniatures, #CENSORED# miniatures and the Ramshackle tanks.

Oh...And I made friends with a stalker of my blog. Hello Christian :-) ! And talked to a Canadian who will be moving to Denmark.  He was asking about gaming clubs....Well Ian....Bring the thunder! We are ready for you!

10 kommentarer:

  1. Glad Vera is on the mend a worrying time for you both. Congrats on winning the prize and painted to! Looking forward to reading the review I tried to see if I could see it on your paint table but I couldn't spot it!

  2. Good to hear you've found out what was wrong with Vera, and that she's on the mend. Congratulations on being a prize winner!
    Can't wait to see the mystery figures dude.

  3. It looks like good news all around, Johnny. Well done on nabbing the thief. Good to see Vera looking a lot better. And finally, I'm so glad my little parcel to you arrived safely and that you like the figures.

  4. Other than the weather being over oppressive, sounds like you're on the up and up. Congratulations on the win too btw.

  5. Glad to hear about Vera, the figures and thief catching my friend....from The Dark Daddy!

  6. Cheers guys. Melting a bit here and for once I actually hope we get some rain!!

  7. I resent the term "stalker", the reason I´m hiding in the bush with binoculars is becauseI´m an avid ornithologist! That's my story, and I´m sticking to it!!

    Btw you curtains need washing and Vera looks way better ;)

  8. Wow, that's quite a variety of stuff going on! Well done with catching the thief, good luck to the dog and I expect that the excessive heat has broken by now (it has here: yesterday was much cooler than the previous few weeks).

  9. Dude... what a week! Glad to hear Vera is okay mate!