søndag den 20. juli 2014

Tanks...Tanks a lot !

Ramshackle Games had a Kickstarter with a new tank. Actually it was a 2in1 tank. As you will see later in this blog. I backed it with 3 tanks. Kickstarter ended June the 5th and my resin goodies arrived about 1 1/2 week ago. Delievered at my workplace and I had vacation so only got hold of them a week ago.

Not pictured here are the sidesponsons and 2 pairs of extra armour. One of the bodyblocks had a chip and the exaust on one of them had broken of. No big deal. A bit of clean up was needed and a wash. Release agent is troublesome when its time to paint them. I has to mention that Curtis/Ramshackle sculpting and casting has greatly improved in quality over the last couple of years.  And still keeping very resonable prices on it. I love the fact that you can buy the bits too.

I got together with some of the guys from my club SLAGMARKEN (Battlefield) and had a nerdy Saturday with barbeque as well. Oh and mead ofcourse! And I got to tackle the tanks! A hot/humid day with great company. Just about as crazy as I am.....Picture to prove it!

Cheers guys for a great day/evening!

Well back to the subject...TANKS! Pictured below you will see some of the options you get in the Battledog/Pug kit. Battledog-With turret. Pug-Without turret. NOT pictured is all the variants for the gunners weapons, the hullmounted weapons, extra armour and sponsons.

Same chassis used in all of these pictures. Weapons have been bluetacked in place. Think they will be magnetised in order for me still to have the freedom to switch them how I wish. I bought 3 tanks, Curtis mentioned to me the final order reached 200 tanks in total!

This antiaircraft gun can be bought from the store. It is not part of this kit. But it fits ooooh so nicely!  Just adding a bit of details to my tanks and then the task of painting them! By the way...Price for these 3 tanks....£65! And a ton of extra bits! The price may go up a bit when they hit his store as this was the kickstarter price.

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  1. Those look like some very good quality castings - the detail is extremely sharp. I'm not fond of the "Games Workshop" style of tank (they look top heavy and have far too many weapons), but as a model-maker I can appreciate the workmanship.

  2. Those look great mate. Will they see action with your Praetorians?

  3. The tanks look pretty cool, what colour are they gonna be?

  4. Not my thing, but the castings look very good.

  5. Nice tanks dude ! That looks a lot for the money.

  6. They look like raether cool 'not' IG tanks Johnny, look forward to seeing them painted!