mandag den 4. august 2014

"Honey? I wrecked the car.Again...."

Not my car, nor is that one my problem. I do however have some carwrecks to show you! From the company Project ZEKE miniatures. And please do check out his blog here as well Projectzeke blogging .

Now to give it another perspective. A mate of mine from my gaming club was interrested when I showed him a picture of the wreck. He could easily use it in his games of BATMAN. So when I recieved first part of my order I gave him one of the wrecks....On one condition. Do a review that I can put up on my blog. He agreed without hesitation. Here is what Steffen thought of the carwreck.

Here's a little review of the Project Zeke Miniatures 'Rusty Wreck', which my friend Johnny gave me the pleasure of painting for him.
I went with a black undercoat, followed by a Citadel Rhinox Hide basecoat. Then I gave the whole thing a very dry drybrush of Citadel Macharius Solar Orange, followed by a P3 Pig Iron drybrush, focusing on the 'raised' areas in order to simulate a little bit of wear and tear after the onset of the rust.
The wreck is a mere £3, and Project Zeke Miniatures have a reasonable shipping fee and a fantastic customer service. I am missing a few more details like door handles and license plates, maybe some more pronounced headlights. Though for the price these are minor concerns, since the rest of the piece is very detailed.
The wreck itself is one solid chunk of resin. This fact makes the piece very heavy, which is very practical for gaming purposes.
All in all I can highly recommend this product. I myself will order a few after I move in a months time. I can't wait to litter my dystopia cityscape with rusty car wrecks! 

 Thanks mate. And I can only agree! Here is my take on the carwreck:

I need some more of these wrecks. Bought 2 and as you know Steffen got one of them. Easy to paint up and as you can see here, I have not even put foilage of any kind on it...Yet. And as for customer service...I ask for a special job. I wanted a wreck that looked like it was partial in water or partial buried. Like this picture:

And this is what I got!!!

Absolutely brilliant!!! Mind you this picture is taken after a black undercoat and a drybrush of silver. In order to make it stand out better on the picture.  These...Are really cool!  Really recommend Projectzekeminiatures. So go check them out, it is worth it.

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  1. Thank you both so much for the glowing review and kind words. Feedback of any kind is always appreciated and I couldn't ask for better than this.

    Just to let you know I have just finished a second wreck and it will be ready for release in the next week or so.

  2. P.S. I meant to say, great work on the paint jobs too guys.

  3. Great work on the wreaks indeed! As for the submerged/half buried ones, now that's a great idea - all you need now is a toxic lake!

  4. Excellent work so far. I received mine today I have 4 of the lovelies to paint up!

  5. I'm quite taken with the half-submerged vehicle, may have to try and make one myself !

  6. I agree with Joe, the half-submerged vehicle is a cracker. Nice paintwork, both of you, the green one is my favourite.

  7. I will hopefully be ordering a few of these wrecks myself. Thanks for sharing, guys.

  8. Damn fine Jonny! I think I'll have to get a couple myself!

  9. Those are excellent, might need a few?

  10. Brilliant! Will have to order some of these! Nice reviews guys!