mandag den 9. juni 2014

Bunnies VS zombies !

This sounds just about that part of crazy that I would love! A boardgame, bunnies fighting the zombies. Save the carrots! Coming to KICKSTARTER on the 11th and NOT today (9th) of June as it says in the tease below!!!


Click that link above to go to the youtube teaser trailer!

Well you might have guessed already...I will be backing this bunny!

Are you scared? Remember...

8 kommentarer:

  1. Oh Dear,
    I have ato wonder if this venture,like a host of others, would be as popular if it didn't have miniatures.
    It'll no doubt be an amusing board-game for the first few games but I doubt it'll be a classic.
    Not for me I'm afraid and it reminds me of the train crash that was "Bunnies and Burrows" many, many years ago.

  2. I agree with Zabadak on this one. Quite cute, but on the far side of weird for me to spend money on it! I might play the game once or twice if someone else provided it, but that's all...

  3. Alas I am forced to agree with Colgar and Zabadak . The cuteness of rabbits against the violence of undead. It seems to be jumping on the Zombie bandwagon, I would play it if someone else bought it just to try it out. But why not farmers instead of zombies..... I guess they think everything is better with zombies this decade! I do appreciate the heads up though.

  4. Zombies may be something appealing, but it seems now that zombies and Chtulhu are too mainstream. Need a kick in your kickstarter? make a zombie version, need more money, Chtulhu is your friend. May pass that one.

  5. I'd actually like a game like this for casual game nights, but considering nobody even wants to play monopoly with me, that's waaaaay down my list, lol.

    Rabbits are cute and zombies are cool, how could that go wrong :P

  6. I think this will be one of those games you can just pick up and get it going quickly. When you only have a bit of time to spare. Also it looks like it may be simple to learn as well and can get those non gamer friends playing.

  7. Definitely sounds as if this is a marmite game. As a HUGE zombe fan, I'd play it, definitely a warm-up or cool down game, but I can understand why some might give it a miss