mandag den 16. juni 2014

Back from London

And what a great time we had! Really do love London! And London seems to be quite fond of me too. My girlfriend Lone and I enjoyed it and got a bit of shopping done too. Clothes for her and some toys for me! Complientary champagne from the hotel as I turned 40 last Saturday while in London!

Burlesque show at my birthday at PROUD CABARET CITY. I was allowed to look at butts and boobies as much as I wanted too! Lone complimented the girls too mind you. AND this was actually Lone`s idea! 

Friday we actually managed to meet up with Mike from Across the dead earth .A real nice guy ! Had lunch with him and we had brought some presents from Denmark to him and his brother Rich, just for a bit of fun. He had some miniatures for me from the game, THE RED CLAW gang plus a special minature. Mike is an absolute good guy in my book. One thing is to talk via Facebook or email another thing is to talk to him face to face. And we really enjoyed his company. He then surprised us by paying for the lunch!!! Cheers again Mike!!!

The gang as well as one of the London busses I got hold of. It needs to get converted to look more post apocalyptic. Thinking of doing one as a wreck.

This DREXYL miniature will not go into production. But it will be fighting in my games!
 This is from ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH Facebook page, a nice deal for you to get started!
"Want to find out if Across the Dead Earth is for you? Want to get a handle on the game without pre-ordering the Starter Sets? Simply want to know more about it? If you purchase the PDF rulebook now for only £5, we'll then give that £5 back as a discount against the print version of the rulebook or either of our starter sets should you decide to purchase them later!"

Oh and my addiction towards cufflinks was somewhat satisfied...

 Some of them was presents from my lovely girlfriend.

Tate Modern and the National Portraits Gallery was visited as well. And was both really good.

London....We will be back!!!

12 kommentarer:

  1. Sounds like you had a great time dude.

  2. I have mixed feelings about London, but I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. Those are some good looking figures; tempting...

    1. Well go for the deal then. Get the rules now which are quite good, and when you buy the miniatures you get that discount!

  3. Very nice to hear that you and Lone had such an enjoyable holiday in London. Oh, and a belated happy birthday, mate!

  4. Glad it was a hit Johnny and that you both had a good time.

  5. Did you get the T-shirt "I survived a trip to the Smoke " ?
    Hope your batteries are now fully recharged !

  6. Looks and sounds like you had a great time....a Burlesque Club ah?? You've gotta try and get that into Zombie town Gravesend!!

  7. Glad you had a great time Johnny and welcome back!

  8. Looks you had a great time and the weather was good well which is always a Bonus when visiting the UK! That bus is ace what a great find!

  9. Great to hear you enjoyed your trip! The vehicles are superb, especially the bus.
    Cufflinks, eh? I had no idea those are still in use, lol. I'm gonna tear ALL the buttons on my shirts' sleeves! :D