mandag den 21. april 2014

Easter zombie!

Easter has come and mostly gone. Easter to me is nothing but chocolate and days of. Last friday I met up with some of the guys from my club. Painting a bit, talking a lot and some had a game of DROPSHIP COMMANDER. Not really caught on with me but the miniatures look pretty good though. No zombies or post apoc miniatures to paint this time around. It was actually Wolfen models from RACKHAM / CONFRONTATION.  All metal baby. I will use them for games in REAPER WARLORD.

The wolf pack in front here. Trying to organize my hobbycorner a bit as well.

One of the guys got interrested in BIOSYNDROME after reading my battle report. So we will soon have a fight and with a bit of luck I will put it up as a battle report here on the blog. In 2 weeks time I think.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Happy holidays mate, seems like we celebrate the same kind :P.
    The bottom pic is fantastic, nice to see how large Tenderiser and that bust really are :3

  2. That's a very interesting last picture, there's all sorts of goodies shown!
    Have a good holiday LS.

  3. Those blood-splattered giant bunnies are very disturbing :-( .

    New battle reports are always interesting; I'm looking forward to this :-) .

  4. Hope you had a good Easter mate and enjoyed the chocolate. The girls are diving me nuts I think i'm on about the 6th egg hunt i've had to set up for them.

    Dropzone does look good. Look forward to more from the bio syndrome game if it goes ahead :)

  5. Happy Easter Johnny. No really hobby for me either, unless decorating easter eggs with the kids counts? :)

  6. Still not opened my one egg Johnny, we all get slow times!