søndag den 4. maj 2014

Last stand!

I had a battle with a mate of mine by the name of Baraldur. He showed interrest from my last battle report where I used the rules by BIO SYNDROME. And so we arranged a fight at the club. I took scenery and miniatures with me so he just had to show up. Which he did. We both made our gangs/armies at the club and got ready for a bit of a rumble.

Baraldur`s brave survivors. Security guards, police officers, civillians with medics and a police captain to lead them. He made sure that they could hit me! ZOMBIE SLAYERS gave them +1 to accuracy and ROAD WARRIORS gave them another +1 when they moved.

The deadheads! A zombiemaster to lead them, a brute, runners, armoured dead and a nasty surprise in the form of the torsoes! I gave them BULLET SPONGES so everybody had 1 more wound. Plus RELENTLESS NUMBERS meaning they were cheaper and I could buy more walkers.

See the pink die ? The living will start there. Zombies will start on a random table edge. Points for what you kill and +50 points if you have that house at the end of turn 5 !!!

Click on the picture to see it bigger and you will realize I put 2 infiltrating zombies at ground level smack in the middle of the defenders!! (In future games I think we will play it with the rule that they may not be placed within 5" of an enemy) He had infiltrators too which he promtly sat right behind my brute! He got first turn  and took 2 wounds of him! Auch!

Strength in numbers! Lets go have us a hot meal! BRAAAAIIINNNNSSS AAANNDD GUUUUTSSSS!!

Still confident at this time....  I had distracted a lot by placing my infiltrators in the house. Now would be the time for him to fear the undead as we were getting in close combat! Do you see THE KING to the right? This conversation took place:
Baraldur: I will shoot 2 shots at him.
Me: You can not shoot the king.
B: Yes I can, clear line of sight and on a higher level.
Me: No...It is the king...You can not shoot him.
B: Yes I can!
Me: No....It is the king!
B: Okay...I will shoot the fat lady instead.
Me: Okay. Go ahead.
He shot at the king later though but never killed him of.

Really good dice rolls for me in close combat saw the last survivors becoming dinner.! Really a fun game! Next time Baraldur might take the Coalition forces. Military. Better weapons and better armour but not as many men. It was a really fun game, many thanks to Baraldur who is now hooked on this hehe....

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  1. Fun looking game and great looking minis :)

  2. Very cool, I love the terrain

  3. Awesome great looking table and sounds like you had a laugh as well. Infiltrator is bit of and odd part of me thinks that sucks having them amongst you right away but another part of me thinks cool zombies hiding in closets and under beds popping out

  4. Great photos as usual, Johnny! I really love the overgrown terrain - are there some new cars, as well?

  5. Cheers mates! I need to do some more overgrown stuff to the buildings. Theyr are far from finished but playable.

    I am pretty sure the cars here have been used in bat reps before. Maybe I should do a post ans show them all of.

  6. Great looking setup and zombies. Sounds like a fun game was had by both.

  7. Cool battle, I love the scenery!

    The buildings combined with the zombicide tiles make a great looking board. Looks like it was great game.

  8. Good to see you have hooked another convert to the game, Johnny.

  9. I'm not familiar with Bio Syndrome, but it never ends well when the living have to hold a position against hordes of the undead. Not in the movies, anyway!

  10. great report! the conversation about the "king" still cracks me up! It's all about having a good time =)

    @Colgar: the game is free to download! Enjoy =)

  11. Bio Syndrome definately seems to be worth looking into. Thanks for sharing that Johnny.

  12. That's definetly different and looks like it was a great amount of fun.

  13. Hi I have nominated you for a Liebster award I hope you don't mind :)

  14. Great to get someone else into the game. The play-set is looking good Johnny