søndag den 29. september 2013

Another blog post

Fancy title!!! Sorry...I sometimes make a mental breakdown. But it is...Another blogpost!!

And christmas is just around the corner! Already we have seen people dressed as santas little helpers due to a publicity stunt! I hate this with all my being!! Now...I love the holidays, gathering the family, the food is great and I like christmas. But I like it in the month of December!!!! There will be a flood of: Help these out, help those out, every coin matters! Well...They matter all the year actually, but in December they matter most to me! There are several I support, the fight against cancer, fight against animal cruelty... That is all the year, not just December. Not just in that month so I can feel good about me being an asshole for the rest of the year!

Huff...Pufff....Okay...I am back again...What I wanted so say...Be kind to others...Not just for one month but all the time.

And thus I challenge you! Do a kind thing to somebody without wanting something in return. I have recieved stuff here from the zombie bloggers, just out of the kindness of their hearts! And I do try to pass this good feeling on! As a matter of fact, one of the bloggers will get a package from me with miscasts from Ramshackle games. I have enough to spare and he showed a bit of interrest. Actually, the act of kindness you do does not have to involve presents or any material goods. Hold the door, help someone across the road. It is the small things in life that really matters. The feeling you get when you smile as you watch a butterfly go past. (Well I do). My father taught me that...

Oh...And a bit of bile yet again...I am missing 2 packets from Ramshackle and one from Wreckage! Postal services are really bad!!! I know they have been sent as I trust the guys who send them to me. Sigh...... On a bit of a funny note...I watched THE POSTMAN today. Never saw it before but it fits the post apocalyptic setting that I am going for.

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  1. As for the C.....Word LA LA LA LA not listening!

    Postage service sucks I can remember the SWAT I sent you got sent back! They will hopefully arrive soon. I've never seen the Postman I'll have to give it a watch ;D

  2. We have a rule at home that until all the Halloween tat has gone from the shops, the C word cannot be uttered (unless it's stockpiling a bargainous present).

    I know what you mean about smiling when you see a butterfly. I have the same feeling of joy whenever a Red Kite flies low over our house, or makes it's pathetic little screech.

  3. A great blog, Johnny, with sentiments that I wholeheartedly agree with and endorse.

  4. Xmas ? Again ? - Didn't we have one last year ?

    Thanks for reminding us all that the blogging community continues to be a very generous and giving one. It's not just the very unexpected gifts that arrive in the post, but hings like giving their time commenting upon our blogs and giving out masses of encouragement in many, many other ways.

  5. Ah, the Christmas. I never really did anything christmassy pass building the tree and getting a present (and not on christmas for most of my youth! :P), but I really couldn't care less with each passing day. Not to mention you can buy those chocolate calendars for December in Octobre...I mean...really?

    As for the postage, that sounds rough! I had no problems yet here, except EM4 only ships tracked parcels here as they had bad experience in the past. I think our italian friends suffer the most, from what I can read. I really got to hand it to our post office, I got everything with my address written properly, but even had one with my name completely messed up :D