mandag den 23. september 2013

What have I been doing?

No...Not playing with balloons....  But the icehockey season have just started. And the team I am rooting for won on their first game against their bitter rivals! Never really found out what the bitterness is about...Meh. Good fast and hardfought game!! Herlev Eagles are the ones in black and yellow. Those are the ones I am backing!

Oh...And by the way...I got married! Twice...With sisters...2 times during last Sunday!! No actually I have a lovely girl right here at home. It was work related and we had joined forces with a Bridal dress company, a hotel, a photographer  and  a florist to make an inspirational Sunday for those that had wedding plans.

Yup...That is me in the middle. Part of my work.

Hobbywise I have been looking into 40k again. We are starting it up again in the club. Starting with 500 points and then slowly adding to it. Good way for people to make new armies or adding to those they already have. 

And I am thinking of a scenario with Gravesend. Time to kill some zombies again!

ANd with that I will leave you with bacon and egg cupcakes! THEY WERE GREAT!!

10 kommentarer:

  1. Haha for a minute there I thought you did get married and didn't tell any of us! Looking very snazzy though! Also...those cupcakes looks aweseomeeeeeeee omnom..nom nom...

  2. Great cupcakes and a very tough job you got there!

  3. Yeah I bet that was the worse day at work ever! (He utters Jealously!)

  4. Bacon and egg cupcakes - does life get any better than this? You are really living the dream :-) !

  5. Work can be hell sometimes can't it ?

  6. Lovin the bacon and egg cupcakes Yummo, ice hockey is great but they don't air it enough down this way.. :(

  7. Oh you suffering Dane. I am sure it can't get worse than that, so tomorrow at work ought to be better! :D

    Not a sports fan, but our "bitter" rivals are rivals just because SOMEONE has to be, so I suppose it's same with them. Not that it matters, as long as you're winning! :P

  8. Ha! Now this is another fun coincidence; I grew up in Herlev and although I've never really cared all that much for icehockey one quickly learnt to back the Eagles or suffer the consquences :-).
    Congrats on the pseudo-wedding - looks more relaxed than any I've ever been part of.
    All the best,

  9. Looks like a lot more fun than I have at work!