søndag den 14. juli 2013

This looks interresting....

 Well hello there..... This is the "green" of a new demon from the new company ODDITY. So new so they actually have no miniatures...Yet!!! But this will be one of the first! Do I want it? As much as zombies want the flesh of the living!

I found him through a wargaming trading group. Well actually I found the sculptor, Tim, and made a trade with him. He had some of the old Necrumunda plague zombies for sale. Not looking for trade as he wanted this to help him on his new line of miniatures. Thus my interrest arose!

Check this link:
Facebook page for Oddity

And just to show you a bit more.....How about this little lovely thing;
This is twisted...Just bad enough to be great! Do I want one? Well do I like bacon?! I really like where he is going with these. He will base the miniatures as in Dark Fantasy. But I see these two guys just as easily in other settings!!

This one being much more fantasy, but really cool too! Knight of the Dark skull? Master of the bacon? These are all really new and have not been made in a master mould yet. This company is THAT new!

You can help out to get this going. He has managed to get a deal on some moulds already made of some fantasy orcs. Support him on Indiegogo and get some of these models as well as helping him along to produce the other of his own miniatures!!! Please take a little time and check the campaign. 

Orcs in Indiegogo

Every little helps. And that Orclord....I may use him as a zombie too! Hehe....

Now I will use the rest of my Sunday to get some rest and watch a zombie movie. That is quite how I feel today. Back to work tomorrow!!!! 2 weeks of holiday goes by really fast!! The fact that I had a bit to drink yesterday may explain my zombie mode today....But it was damn fun! WORTH IT!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for the praise, really appreciate it!

    However I am NOT the sculptor! ;)

    The first two are sculpted by Paul Muller and the last one by Gregor Adrian! :D

    1. Whoops...Thanks for correcting me there Tim. They still look great! ;-)

  2. Superb looking figures they are to, thanks for the heads up :D

  3. The demon really looks cool, like to see what it will look like painted up.

  4. Very appealing sculpts for the fantasy players there - I assume they're of a 28mm ilk ?