søndag den 7. juli 2013

This is me!

Last post I showed you the brilliant miniature that Fabio made to represent me in my zombie games. Now I think it would be prudent to show a bit more of who I am. For those of you that are interrested in this.

 This is me how I look when working. 
I sell mens wear for a living. Suits, jeans, cufflinks and t-shirts.

At my oldest brother. I have two older brothers both of whom I dearly love.

This is me with friends getting ready for a boardgame. While I do like board games I am mostly into miniature battles. 28 mm being my preferred.

 I do not do live roleplay...Much. However, we took of on a HUMANS VERSUS ZOMBIES WEEKEND with nerfguns. We survived! We had fun! I would love to do that again!

At home playing a zombie scenario. You can see a bit of my nerd cave in the background as well. I do tend to relax while doing my hobby. I play WH40K,WARORD, DREADBALL,DEADZONE,ass. ZOMBIE GAMES and numerous specialist games as well.

These are my two lovely pugs! A big part of my life!

And this is the love of my life!

So there you have it. Just a little look into the life of me.... On another note...Battle report is forth coming! With mini me and mini me! Confused? Wait and see......

11 kommentarer:

  1. A handsome fella you are to ;) Nice shot of the pugs and you and the love of your life at the end you both look very happy :D

  2. You know, I've always wondered what fellow bloggers were like outside of the immediate interest that we have in common. Thanks for this :-) . Mind you, I've always been very nervous about putting much of my own personal data online :-( ...

  3. You are a heck of a guy Johnny, that's for sure! :D

    Colgar, that is totally understandable, but generally, I find it hard to believe anyone would have any great use of my occasional photo or knowing what I do atm :P. It is a personal decision, but I guess when you get as connected as I'd like to believe we are, it is nice to see the "nonvirtual" side of the people. You need to attend a Salute or something, as do you, Johnny! :D

  4. The man behind the mask, very dapper bow tie Sir.

  5. Very good Johnny, its good to meet the real you, I think we should all do this and introduce ourselves on our blogs, you may have set a trend.

  6. Awesome blog! It's always cool to know more! And also.. that's a very sharp suit sir, nice one :D

  7. great to see fellow blogger in the flesh, nice pug's
    Peace James

  8. Every bit a Lord, but the family pile may need a bit of work.