mandag den 22. juli 2013


I just love the minions! Well my plans for next week will include a day with no electricity. My girlfriend and I did a LIGHTS OUT day a while back. Now we will do yet another one. Phones will be left on but we are not to use them unless somebody calls. (In case of any emergency). I will write it up as if zombie apocalypse have happened. Just a bit further out than last. So the zombie danger is still there. Power is out. Most people have barricaded themselves both from the dangers of zombies but also from small gangs. People are trying to keep together and help out. Money is worth nothing. Trades is the only currency.

And by the way...I have started my next round of mead brewing! About 10 kilos worth of honey will be used for this!!!

I may incorporate a small zombie game as well. Only fitting I would think. See if I can get my girlfriend to kill some zombies!!!!!

I just got this! And you can get yours at Grekwood miniatures . Well actually I have not recieved it yet. I bought it last week. Now there is nothing wrong with how Carl handles the order. It has merely been redirected to Brian from Lead Legion painting service
Am I looking forward to seeing the results?
 Do I like bacon? 
Do I like mead? 
Do I love my girlfriend? 
Those questions will get the same answer:


7 kommentarer:

  1. Great idea Lord....blackout hell and the zombie minion is brilliant!

  2. Look forward to day 2 report :D

  3. Zombie Minion.... That is great.

  4. Brian at lead legion is a top guy I am sure he will do a good job on the bust.

    I like the idea of a blackout as well. clears away the distractions and should allow you do do some real things. Best wishes Clint

    1. Thanks Clint. And I didn't even have to pay you :)

  5. ah yes, I remember the last one, I look forward to the write up, and yes squeeze a game in there somewhere :)

  6. Mead, zombies and zombie gaming! What a combo.

    Thanks for the shout out Johnny. I'm really looking forward to getting to grips with that bust. I'll have to wear gloves though. Wouldn't want to get bit!

    (Lead Legion on his other blogger account)